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Rasterbator Rasterbates Free Art Creations For The Abode’s Walls

Rasterbator aims to aid in your efforts of adding art to the décor. Filling an empty wall can be a challenge and finding works of art to adorn the walls can get costly. With this free and easy process decorating with art promotes fun as well as being budget friendly. Whether challenged with a huge blank wall, or for those venturing into their first abode or dorm for the first time, Rasterbator can be the answer to achieving beautiful wall décor.

Rasterbator creates free wall decor

Rasterbate to get creative in order to dress up the living space. Rasterbation is a fun way to create works of art while staying within your budget.

Simply go to and begin the creative fun.

  • Click on "Create your poster" to start the process.

  • Load an image from a website or upload a photo from your computer.

  • Adjust your paper settings and output size. The output size depends on the number of sheets of paper.

  • Decide on Rasterbation style.

  • Adjust color if you want.

  • Finish off your design with choices of options.

  • Time to Rasterbate! The Rasterbation is turned into a PDF that is then downloaded and printed out easily on your printer.

Create from any image

Imagine having a way to cover a wall in a beautiful mural without the needed time to create the masterpiece or the expense of hiring a mural artist. The Rasterbator takes any image and enlarges it to create multi-page posters to be fitted together on the wall to produce the finished work of art.

"The Rasterbator enlarges images to multiple pages, which you can then print and combine into huge posters.”

Images can be used in many decorative options.

Simply attach the individual sections together with tape from the back to create one huge work of art to mount on the wall or be framed.

Be creative with the your Rasterbation to paper an entire wall using decoupage materials.

Mount each section on a board to be mounted in a grid pattern.

Frame pages or sections of the Rasterbation to create unique pieces of artwork for a wall.

Rasterbation is fun, creative, and allows one to dress their abode with a statement that is all their own. Have fun Rasterbating. Invite friends and family to join in the fun and never be afraid to dance!

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