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Budget Entertaining Tips from Katie Lee of Food Network

During festive times of the year one can easily enjoy planning entertaining on a budget following some great advice from Katie Lee of the Food Network. With Lee’s wonderful tips anyone can design a holiday or celebratory get-together ready to impress without breaking the bank.

Lee Knows How to Throw a Party

Known for her expertise in the kitchen, Lee loves to mix up her yummy delights, along with style, when entertaining for loved ones. The raven-haired chef gives her hosting tips for how to get an amazing look for a beautiful party with budget entertainment advice.

Pick a Theme

Budget Entertaining Tips from Katie Lee of Food Network

Lee expresses to have fun picking a theme for the party while not being afraid to mix and match:

“Whether you’re hosting a casual dinner for friends or throwing a holiday party for a crowd, start by choosing a non-traditional color palette that isn’t holiday specific so you can use it for multiple occasions.”

The Food Network star recommends to browse the stores for many styles to have fun blending different colors and patterns to create a unique look.

Decorate with Food

As a chef, Lee has always thought of the food she creates as another great way to add her personality to any table. She sees whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, as a way to spruce up the everyday décor for budget entertaining:

“It can be as simple as filling a beautiful bowl with fresh fruits, like oranges on the stem, or even vegetables – artichokes add gorgeous texture to a centerpiece – and can really bring the table to life. And bonus, you can later turn what was once décor into a delicious dish.”

Get Creative with Cocktails

Budget Entertaining Tips from Katie Lee of Food Network

With so many parties during the holidays, one of the best ways to host a standout event is to craft a signature cocktail served in a chic champagne or punch bowl. Mix and match glassware to create a playful-eclectic feel, or offer crystal glasses for a sophisticated look.

Add a Décor Twist

Budget Entertaining Tips from Katie Lee of Food Network

Using an old favorite of tiered trays can spruce up the décor of the table with dimension. They serve to save space while impressing guests with a glamorous appearance. Lee uses them for more than just serving up yummy delights:

“They’re perfect for displaying appetizers or desserts, but I also love using them as a platform for other décor like candles and small centerpieces.”

Metallic Accents to Dazzle Guests

Budget Entertaining Tips from Katie Lee of Food Network

Metallics are one of the biggest trends, and are the perfect way to add some shine to any table. From cool silvers to warm golds, simple accents - like tea candle holders, or statement pieces - like a chrome reindeer, can brighten up the whole display. Lee also loves adding edible glitter for an unexpected sparkle!

Benefit from the wonderful advice that Lee offers to have joyous fun entertaining.

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