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Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

Adding pet bed furniture does not mean that the home must look like a kennel. There are creative ways to mix the pets' needs with the furnishings to design a beautiful room to please every living creature in the home.

All members of the home, including the pets, deserve a place to call their own to relax in. Unfortunately, pet crates and tanks can take up a large portion of a room and look unsightly when it comes to having a pleasing decor. Now there are lovely and creative furnishings that invite pets to become part of the decor.

Pet Bed Furniture Fashioned as Decor

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

As a pleasing addition for the decor, there are now pet bed furniture options designed for any house, office, apartment, or room to allow the furry and scaley friends to feel comfy hidden within the decor in plain view. Birds, fish, and reptiles can add a whimsical touch creating living decor housed inside a table, counter, desk, and wall.

With creativity, every member of the family will enjoy the lovely decor in their surroundings. The new furnishings will open the door to interesting and endless conversations as well.

Clear Aquarium Coffee Table

The fishes get to take center stage in the room in clear coffee table that doubles as an aquarium. This water-filled pet bed furniture allows the natural beauty of fish to be part of the decor and family. The Hammacher Schlemmer glass-topped coffee table contains an aquarium built within its clear acrylic sides, allowing for clear viewing of the interior from every angle.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"The removable tabletop of 1/4"-thick beveled tempered glass is large and sturdy enough to accommodate a sculpture and hardcover books. The tank rests on a heavy-duty black acrylic base; lights in the base illuminate the tank from beneath the bed of blue glass gravel."

Dining table, Coffee Table, and Desk Aquarium Decor Designs

Imagine sharing a meal with your fish family, or sitting at a desk that serves as a relaxing respite to view tropical activity. Aqua Vim table aquariums are a beautiful blend of wood and paint finishes mixed with glass sides and tops in an array of interesting shapes and designs to fit within any decor and lifestyle.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"Each table aquarium includes power head, lighting fixtures, and a state-of-the-art ecological filtration system that gives your aquatic lives an ecological environment."

Birds on Display as Decor

Imagine decorating with pet bed furniture that serves as a home to two pets that normally would be kept far apart. Constance Guisset designed the ultimate furnishing that melds a pedestal sculpture of a bird enclosure topped with an aquarium to play house to the fish, or just sit beautifully as a decorative glass bowl.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"DUPLEX is a birdcage topped with an aquarium, favoring the encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish. Duplex is the poetic meeting between two alien creatures that are irremediably separated by the elements."

Designer Pet Bed For Dog and Kitty

DenHaus pet bed furniture, hidden within a beautifully designed piece of decor, is perfect for the dog or kitty. A choice of designs that come in various sizes to fit a small to medium, and some even large sized, pet.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"From its round design that allows your pup to curl up along its edges to its space-saving, sliding door, the Bowhaus will appeal to comfort loving canines and design conscious owners alike. The striking, starburst design and sleek outline will elicit ooo's and aahh's from your friends and family, while also setting your pet's tail wagging endlessly."

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"Handcrafted by artisans in the polished fiberglass color of your choosing, this designer dog den is topped with opaque, shatterproof glass that brings in the light and features a swing door that can be removed. The fiberglass construction results in an extremely light, but strong and durable den that will provide years of enjoyment. Hand-crafted constructions lets you know the Zenhaus is not your everyday, cookie-cutter den."

Cat Pet House Hides Unsightly Litter

The worst thing about the kitty sharing the home is fitting in the kitty litter so it does not impact the decor adversely. The smart designed Cat Litter Box Cover by Merry Products hides litter box mess in plain sight within a lovely piece of furniture.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"The Merry Products Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover can be used as a Night Stand Pet House instead of a decorative litter box cover. Either way it will blend in nicely with any decor with its classic cabinet design featuring wainscoting paneling details and stainless steel hardware."

Dog crate entertainment center

The pup always wants to be in the hub of the family so as to not miss out on the love and fun. An entertainment center is a perfect place to double as an abode for the dog to call home. As one watches a favorite show the furry family member can also get the attention craved.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"It’s the best of everything... a handsome piece of heirloom furniture and a safe, cozy home for your pet. Use it as an entertainment center, a curio table or sideboard."

Majestic Reptile Coffee Table Cage

Add some interesting textures to the decor with the family reptile showcasing his or her glory within the conversation area of the abode.

Creative Pet Bed Furniture to Enhance Decor Beauty

"The coffee table and end table reptile cages are offered in different wood and paint finish choices with glass to view the reptilian pet, and a lamp to keep the family reptile warm and cozy. Secure door locks are included to keep all safe and secure. Choose from basic models to a complete deluxe version filled with plants and vines to create an ultimate habitat."

As members of the household animals add pleasure and comfort so it is pleasing that their furnishings can meld within a beautiful decor that makes all happy. Snuggle up with the ball of fluff as you both watch the calming fish swimming inside the cool table. Let the pets have a say when decorating the home.

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