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How To Paint Your Way To A Beautiful Renewed Abode

Learning how to paint the décor is a wonderful way to add a renewed look to the abode without spending a lot. Just as one likes to redecorate themselves with a new haircut or outfit, people enjoy redecorating the decor to add some new excitement to their lives as well. Changing accessories may help change the decor's look but after some time looks fade and the abode finds itself in need of a more intense makeover. New paint will clean up the décor and add the newness that you crave.

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Photo courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

Transform the Décor

Paint can be an economical and easy way to transform the decor into a new look. Paint comes in endless colors with customized colors that can be mixed to match any furnishing your heart desires. The abode is a representation of the people who share the structure and color is the perfect way to reflect the personalities of the those who inhabit the rooms. With a stroke of a brush a boring canvas of a wall can become a brilliant statement.

Walls, trim, doors, etc. painted in one solid color will just create an unremarkable dull appearance. Transforming a room in paint goes beyond a single color. Just as in the fashion world, decorating is about layering to create dimension and excitement. Painting a room should follow this rule as well. When contemplating painting a room, think beyond a single color.

Use at least two colors for painting a room. Trim and doors can be in another color from the walls. An accent color can easily be added to bring attention to one wall, such as behind a sofa or bed. Faux painting techniques often require a layering of several colors to create beautiful dimension to the surfaces. Decorating with faux finishes are about blending colors and creating special effects, such as marble or wood. There are faux painting techniques that are simple to do, as in sponging, or more complex, as in marbleizing.

Specialty Paints

Use a specialty paint to turn the walls into additional excitement for the decor. Benjamin Moore Glitter Effect paint is a topcoat that adds a sparkle effect to the surface. Easily hide cracks and patches in older surfaces using Benjamin Moore's Latex Sand Texture paint in white and then paint over with any color of your choice. Chalkboard paint can turn any wall or surface into a fun blackboard to keep notes and draw pictures. Rust-oleum's magnetic primer painted under a pretty paint color or chalkboard paint will turn the wall into a fun place to post the kid's artwork.

Make a royal formal statement by painting a room, wall or furniture with Ralph Lauren metallic paint. Turn the walls into the appearance of suede simply by painting with Ralph Lauren's suede paint finish. Add the rustic texture of river rocks with a simple brush stroke and paint from Ralph Lauren.

Paint Finish

Do not forget about choosing the correct paint finish as well. From a flat to high gloss there is an array of paint finishes to choose from. The best finish for common painting jobs is eggshell or satin. Semi-gloss is traditionally used for bathrooms and kitchens. High gloss paint works well on trim and doors for its cleanability factor plus it will add dimension against the flatter finish painted walls.

Mistakes happen, don't worry the walls can always be sanded and primed to make an entire new canvas to be repainted. Bring out your inner artist with creative faux painting. Show off your unique personality with colors and decor. Whether painting a room by yourself or with companions make it a painting party. Never be afraid to dance!

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