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How-To Add Simple New Fall Decor Touches To The Abode

New fall décor is easy to do just by adding small touches to celebrate the new season. The summer sun has given way to falling leaves and a cool crispness in the air. This is the time of year that the colors of fall are celebrated. Trees changing into colors of rusts, golds and reds spark new beautiful outdoor scenery ready to be brought inside to share with the decor.

Bring a bit of the outdoor loveliness inside to freshen up the decor for a new season. As the heat is turned up and fireplaces are lit Fall is the perfect time to prepare for the indoor activities and entertaining that the cooler months bring. Halloween and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The decor is begging to share the colors of nature in order to celebrate the season.

Freshen with Fall Colors

Freshen the decor with new colors to rejoice in the comfort of the fall season. Fall is known for lovely warm colors. The colors of nature with the changing leaves, squash, apples and evergreen can all add a new freshness to the decor.

  • Bring in the gold, rusts and reds of the falling leaves

  • Evergreens are always fresh and exceptional for fall leading into the Christmas tree season.

  • Fall is the time to celebrate with the orange pumpkins and colorful squash that come with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  • A time of year for apple picking, the scents and smells of fresh apple pie add a comfy new coziness.

Reflect the informality and fun of the fall season as you add fresh decor to the abode. Nature is the representative of the fall season. Think falling leaves and early sunsets. Cozy up the decor with new colors such as, oranges, rusts, and gold with browns, reds, and burnt umber. Toss in a touch of a purple glow to reflect the setting sun. Add some deep green to celebrate the majestic evergreens.

Painting to Redecorate

Perhaps the walls are getting worn and ready for a fresh coat.

  • Consider painting a golden color that will look beautiful, fresh, neutral and can easily be transitioned into the seasons to follow.

Furnishings can easily be instantly made new with paint as well.

  • Faux paint an old worn wooden chest and use it as new decor in a different room. Bedroom dressers make for perfect entertainment cabinets and even kitchen islands.

Paint can even be used to paint fabrics as well.

  • Purchase some boring plain pillows and use tape or stencils with paint to create new zestful accessories.

Swap Décor

Fall Decor

Photo by Wonderlane flikr

Simple decor is easy to change out to make the abode new for the fall season. Pillows, blankets, lamps, bedding, etc. can all be added or swapped to speak about the coziness of fall.

  • Pillows, comfy throws and area rugs in the rich fall colors add a fresh welcoming decor.

  • The change of seasons is the perfect time to change the bedding. Cozy up the bedroom with a fluffy comforter or new duvet cover in rich rusts and golds.

  • Add new pillows and throws to the bedroom, living room and family room to accessorize. Soft knitted throws and pillows in accent colors and neutrals speak cuddling up.

  • Fresh towels are an easy new decor change for the bathroom.

  • Swap the abode's artwork out for the season; new paintings with the fall colors will make a lovely decor statement.

  • Change lampshades easily for a new fall look.

  • Dress the windows up to add warmth. Windows that have simple blinds and shades that welcome the summer sunshine in can now be dressed with added drapery to cozy up for the cooler weather.

Change Décor in Instant

Fall Wall Mural

Photo courtesy of Glowing Wall Decor, Etsy

Instantly change the look in a room just by adding slipcovers or a wall mural. No need to buy new furniture or even paint if not needed. Just make what you have appear new with custom slipcovers crafted or add a removable wall mural to add a warm touch to the decor.

  • Covers in a lovely chenille that is soft and comfortable are perfect dress up the white sofa that shined in the summer sun.

  • Informal fabrics like denim are durable as well as fun for a family room.

  • Use old sweaters to recover a seat cushion on a frame chair yourself.

  • Removable wall murals can dress up an entire huge wall simply. They are easily removable and storable to be ready to change out for the next seasonal decor change.

New Décor Garnish

Centerpieces and new decor garnishes add a fresh seasonal appeal to the decor easily. Wreaths and candles speak fall and winter. Beautiful wreaths can be made or bought to adorn doors and work as centerpieces. Dried flowers mixed with squash make lovely centerpieces and hearth decor.

  • Welcome people at the front door with a wreath made of autumn finds such as simple branches with pine cones, berries, and corn husks. Add some dried leaves and small squash for dimension.

  • Arrangements can be made with dried flowers, gourds, and squash in a variety of colors. You want to make sure that the colors you pick complement the colors of your room.

  • The warmth of a fireplace can easily be replicated using candles. Pretty candles add a warm flame to the décor.

  • Fill a pretty basket or large bowl with clean, bright, red apples for all to enjoy. It provides beauty and an easily accessible healthy snack. As folks munch you can mix in some color with golden and green apples too.

Apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, the scents of baking cookies and pie with a touch of caramel and molasses are all scents that bring comfort to us as the leaves change. Add some scented candles that welcomes the comfort scents of the season. Have fun dressing up the decor to cozy up for the colder months to come.

Take in the colors of fall and never be afraid to dance!

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