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Wall covering that mimics wood: Adorn the abode’s walls

The search for special interior decorating ideas is always on. Everyone wants to have the most unique décor to show off to company, but not everybody has the time, or finances, to redecorate the entire home in order to please their inner designer.

Unique Alternatives to Refashion the Abode

Those wishing to add some understated new pop to their decor will be happy to know that texture is one of the hottest trends. Textured relief looks for the walls and ceilings are easy to add when utilizing wonderful new wall coverings that appear to look just like natural paneling such as wood.

Textured wallcoverings can be actually dimensional, as with a paintable wallpaper, or dimensional in a perspective appearance, as with a wood look. Many of these wallcoverings also work great at hiding imperfections and cracks in walls.

Wallpaper and Murals that Actually Look Just Like Wood Paneling

Wood has long been used applied to the walls and ceilings as paneling. After years of painting over the old wood paneling, or ripping it out to create a cleaner, more modern look, wood is now in vogue again.

Instead of the costly and intensive work of installing actual wood paneling, there are now beautiful wall coverings that mimic wood. These are easy to install and remove, when ready to change the decor once again!

wood look wallcovering

Find many styles and looks to fit all decors:

  • Get a rustic cabin look for a warm family room.

  • Bring in the look of reclaimed wood for a country kitchen.

  • A light white washed wood appearance for a calm bedroom or room overlooking the water.

  • Achieve the look of an exotic wood paneling without the high cost.

  • Hewn cut firewood ends to adorn a fireplace wall.

  • Decorate a wall in drift wood for a bathroom.

wood look wall covering

Find many patterns and styles to choose from; wide plank, narrow plank, parquet, woven, end cut, and even fun colors. The wall coverings are truly realistic in their quality of wood graining and designs. There are so many alternatives manufactured today that will enhance and beautify the décor with a beautiful designer look without the designer costs.

Enjoy discovering new things and never be afraid to dance!

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