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‘Vegas Girls Night Out’ Offers Ultimate Girls' Las Vegas Experience

‘Vegas Girls Night Out’ is a first-of-its-kind on-line boutique concierge service for Las Vegas,, was launched just a short time ago and is going strong. "Girls just want to have fun", especially in Las Vegas and this girlcentric service intends to make Vegas as exciting as possible for women looking for the fun. The website aims to provide the ultimate girls’ getaway with access to the exclusive party scene that only happens in, and stays in, Vegas.

‘Vegas Girls Night Out’ is a site designed for women by women

girls having fun with Vegas Girls Night Out

Vegas Girls Night Out aims to help females to plan the perfect girl only Vegas group adventure. No men allowed, the site has been developed by females as a support site to aid women in enjoying an ultimate Las Vegas experience. Utilizing a live support network, the site allows for women to live out their perfect dream Las Vegas party package. In a city once devoted to pleasing men, as well as run by men, hailing back to the Rat Pack day of the last century, women have now taken over the residency both on stage and off. Bachelorette parties, divorce celebrations and moms' having a well-deserved night out, can get help planning the perfect excursion using the sites tools.

Plan the fun with pre-made adventures

Plan the fun before arriving in Vegas. Pre-made packages are offered on the Vegas Girls Night Out website such as its “Thunder Storm Through Vegas” package, which includes VIP access to the all-male revue Thunder From Down Under. Other premade packages provide day fun, night time excitement as well as a Glam package that gets you party looking your best. Women are invited to customize their own packages to make their groups' Vegas trip the best experience ever. With the assistance of a site expert known as an "Insider", women can enjoy customizing a truly unique Las Vegas experience with options such as VIP access to some of the hottest Vegas night clubs and limo tours along the Las Vegas strip.

Thunder From Down Under

Bri Steck, CEO and Owner of, is a native of Las Vegas. She is truly understanding of what women are longing for when searching for the ultimate Vegas adventure.

“I’m so excited to not only help women experience the best of what Las Vegas has to offer, but also give them the most personalized and customized experience that will make their trip to Las Vegas unforgettable.”

Goals of the Vegas Girls Night Out boutique concierge service are to assist in alleviating the stress that comes with planning a group adventure. Free entrance to nightclubs along with skipping long lines by given VIP access and limo services are just a couple of perks one receives when using the site to prepare for a fun Vegas outing with the girls.

Girl only fun created by experts

Experts from foremost Las Vegas based production company and talent agency, SPI Entertainment, Inc., with their thorough knowledge of the Las Vegas’ entertainment scene, worked to create With six successful resident award-winning hot shows and connections to nightclubs, restaurants, limo services and spas, SPI Entertainment, Inc. utilized their expertise as a way to build this unique, first-of-its-kind, service.

Part the way men, the women are now overtaking the partying action and fun on the Las Vegas strip. Fun to girl power and never be afraid to dance!

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