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Vampiresque Face Renewal Review: Dr. Pearlman's Donna Fay PRP MicroPen Treatment

The Vampiresque face renewal is truly a cool experience! Once again I find myself at Dr. Steven Pearlman's Aesthetic Surgery office looking forward to an Eclipse MicroPen treatment. I could not wait for The Beauty Expert, Donna Fay Graziano, a Master Esthetician, to work her miracles once more in her quest to smooth out my aging skin. After my first treatment by The Beauty Expert my skin glowed so I was excited to see the results of using stem cells from my own blood in lieu of a manufactured stem cell product.

Using Eclipse MicroPen with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a natural treatment

As the North East educator for the Eclipse Asthetics MicroPen, one is not in better hands getting a Eclipse Asthetics MicroPen Elite automated Micro-Needling treatment than with The Beauty Expert herself. This time The Beauty Expert was going to use my own stem cells to infuse into my face with the MicroPen as a totally natural method in creating more youthful skin.

After already having experienced the Eclipse Asthetics MicroPen Elite to do its Micro-Needling magic along with wonderful Image Skincare, I was ready to try the treatment again but this time using it with my own blood as a serum. After tying my mane of hair back and placing a head band to keep hair off of treatment area, I thoroughly cleanse my face using Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser. I then take a seat in the comfy treatment chair and The Beauty Expert applies numbing agent to my face followed by the soothing Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement.

The vampiresque type procedure begins

Christine Ross, Dr. Pearlman's lovely RN, comes in to draw my blood for the special Micro Pen procedure using Platelet Rich Plasma, known as a PRP treatment. For fun it is also often referred to a Vampire Treatment for its use of blood as the main focus of the procedure. Ross took the vile of my blood from my hearty vein. She then proceeded to spin the blood for 12 minutes in order to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. Ross explained that the red blood cells will drop to the bottom and the plasma will rise to the top.

The finished product is a test tube with the deep red blood cells sitting on the bottom with the lighter yellow tinted plasma filling the rest of the tube. The red blood cells are then discarded and the plasma is drawn up in a syringe to use for the treatment. The Beauty Expert will be using my own plasma for my PRP treatment with the MicroPen. The PRP will act as a lubricant to inject into my skin with the MicroPen, replacing the serum used during my first treatment.

Using a little at a time, as to not let it run, The Beauty Expert places my plasma in the area she is working on with the MicroPen until she completes infusing my own plasma into my entire face. The purpose of the PRP procedure, instead of using a manufactured serum, is that by using my own natural stem cells it makes this the most natural treatment possible.

This time around The Beauty Expert went 2.5 millimeters deep with 15 passes on my entire face. Like the first time, although deeper this time, there was no pain just a tingling soothing sensation as the MicroPen moved across my skin. The Beauty Expert applied more of my own stem cells on my face as a topical to finish off the treatment and help with the healing process.

The redness on this first moment after treatment looks a bit like a sun rash and I have a slight tingly feeling on my face as if the healing process is already in play. This time I was prepared with a fashionable sun hat to shade my face from the harmful rays of the sun as I walked to my car. Just as if one has a terrible sunburn it is very important to stay out of the sun during the healing process.

My skin certainly glowed and was much smoother after the healing process was complete

The Beauty Expert instructed me once again to use the Image Skincare post treatment kit for the next week to assist in the healing process. I bid goodbye leaving the office eager to begin the healing process as the redness sheds away.

Day one: Treatment day my face is red and a bit, but not noticeably, puffy. I cleansed my face in the evening following the Image Skincare Post Treatment kit instructions. My skin feels a little itchy as if healing from a sunburn.

Day two: Upon waking the itch is gone and the redness has slightly faded. My cheeks and chin are still a little puffy but probably only noticeable to myself. As directed I cleanse my face and moisturize with the Image Skincare post treatment kit. By evening the redness and puffiness have faded a bit more.

Day three: Redness is fading. My face now looks more like just a red sunburn with some brighter red spots. I continue my post treatment care as instructed. I feel a bit itchy as in a healing fashion. I apply the serum and moisturizer to make sure my skin stays hydrated. By night time even more redness has faded.

Day four: I wake up to almost no redness. My face now looks like a slightly uneven tan more prominent where the brighter red spots were. My skin certainly looks and feels much smoother. I carry on with the post treatment ritual of cleansing and moisturizing.

Day five and beyond: Awoke to almost a new face. It is as if the old skin flaked off to reveal much smoother and evener skin. There is still a small bit of uneven tone where the brighter red was but certainly no one would notice other than myself. After my morning cleaning and moisturizing once I put on my Image Skincare tinted SPF my skin looks new and fresh. Cannot wait to get out and enjoy the day. From here on my skin will only get even better.

The best results are the complements on how great my skin looks. Someone even thought I was my daughter's sister. I know I look young for my age but perhaps he needed new eyeglasses, or maybe I really do look that much better. This treatment is certainly worth the few days of healing. My skin feels renewed and alive and it certainly does look smoother and younger than before the treatment. I can't wait to continue my skin regimen and treatments to keep my skin as healthy as possible.

Now it's time to buy some more fashionable sunhats! Never be afraid to dance!

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