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Underwear Makes New History as Fashion Must-Haves for Men [Guardian Liberty Voice]

Boxers and briefs were fashioned for utilitarian use to be hidden from sight. Add to that the standard white tee, placed under the dress shirt, and the socks to match the trousers or shoes. These are the undergarment basics that were designed for men’s fashion comfort but were never supposed to see the limelight. Eventually, the underwear of yesterday grew into trendy outerwear fashion of today.

Men's underwear

Underwear and socks have gained notoriety among men, and designers and manufacturers are taking notice. The male is now learning that his underwear is as important as his outerwear. By all accounts, underwear is no longer hidden away as a no-show, but has taken over as a popular trend for men to show off their personalities.

Read Carol's full article on the facinating history of men's underwear, at Guardian Liberty Voice.

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