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Suncast Makes Perfect Furnishings for Beautiful Outdoor Living [Video] [Review]

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Suncast outdoor furnishings are the perfect combination of beauty and durability to make outdoor living truly comfortable. Relaxing among the natural outside beauty is enhanced when the decor is inviting.

Whether living in a warm location all year round, or just have a half a year to relish communing and unwinding in the fresh air, having the right furnishings only enhances one’s outdoor relaxing and entertaining experiences. It is important to note that the necessary aspects to look for in outdoor furniture is durability as well as beauty.

Suncast Makes Perfect Furnishings for Beautiful Outdoor Living [Video] [Review]

Furnishing for Outdoor Living

#Suncast offers the best in resilience coupled with good looks in their Elements Collection. Perfect for a #patio, deck, terrace or screened #Florida room the Elements collection features a wonderful selection of loveseat, chair and tables that can be mixed and matched to fit any size area. The furnishings come in three choices of neutral colors named Java, Dark Taupe, and White.

To provide décor inspiration Suncast has grouped pieces together so that one may purchase a complete set. The Collection Patio Set features the loveseat, two chairs, coffee table and end table. Group two loveseats with a coffee table with the Loveseat Patio Set. The Classic Patio Set combines two chairs with a coffee table.

The Essentials Patio Set, with two chairs and the end table, is perfect for a cozy area like a terrace. Sitting in the chair one certainly feels the air cushioned back at work and a spacious, comfy area to sit. It is evident that the company put specific consideration to designing the seating for comfort with an ergonomic seat and lumbar support. Also apparent is the fact that this is a sturdy piece of furniture that could withstand up to the 350 pounds that Suncast states it will support.

The furniture comes in easy to handle boxes. Each item comes ready to assemble with the hardware needed. All one needs to assemble the furniture is a Philips head screwdriver, preferably an electric one, a rubber mallet and safety glasses.

The pieces are lightweight and fit together like a simple puzzle with each item assigned a letter of the alphabet. Simply follow the directions, complete with sketches and notes, and soon one has their table, chair or loveseat put together and ready to adorn for outside décor living.

Watch my video review for Suncast Elements Collection

What makes Suncast furnishings so amazing is that they all have built-in storage. This is especially great for the chair and loveseat where one can easily open the seat top to store seat cushions and pillows right inside their own seating. The storage capability is perfect to keep fabric cushions out of harmful weather damage when not in use, while also having amazing quick and easy access for a moment of sitting relaxation.

The tables do double duty as storage containers as well. Table tops open for storage but when closed sit hanging slightly over angled out legs framing the wicker designed base for an elegant look. The end table reviewed is perfect for pillows, a small throw blanket and reading materials.

At first look Elements is attractive in appearance with a lovely look of woven wicker set in a frame with soft curved arms and details. Although it has the look of decorative wicker furniture this collection is crafted from very durable resin so that it can withstand the changes in weather without damage.

The Java color reviewed is a lovely soft and rick brown which blends perfectly into a natural setting and with just about every #decor style. Easily change out cushions and pillows to adjust one’s decor moods from #contemporary to #traditional as well as bright sun filled days to elegant nighttime #entertaining.

Suncast Makes Perfect Furnishings for Beautiful Outdoor Living [Video] [Review]

The #furniture pieces are also light enough to move around to create new floor plans or to move out of harm’s way if dangerous #weather is reported. Have fun mixing and matching the different pieces for unique areas and needs. Move from patio to grass and pool area for entertaining. The storage coffee table works great to double as a toy chest for small outdoor and pool toys. The Suncast Elements Collection is also perfect for turning the #garage space into a transitional outdoor living room.

Having the right outdoor furniture and decor makes residing in outdoor living spaces the most enjoyable of experiences. Enjoy the beautiful nature relaxing in the most comfortable of furnishings. Never be afraid to dance!

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