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Showcasing Art For Best Presentation: Command Brand Review

Showcasing art and photos can be fun but a daunting task at the same time. Placing the art on the wall for the best presentation is an art all to itself. With Command Brand there is no need for worrying about hammers and picture hangers. Their “Do. No. Harm.” products are specifically made to easily put in place as well as to easily remove using special adhesive that will not harm walls.

wall art wall done with Command

Easy Wall Decorating

If you are ready to make a decorative wall, want to move artwork around or live in a rental Command has amazing products that make picture hanging easy. No tools are needed for the wonderful Command Brand products. With their innovative special Command adhesive, the hooks and decorative organizers hold and stay put on most surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more.

Command Brand is constantly coming out with new wonderful products. From new types of picture hangers to decorative items to showcase art, photos, jewelry, scarves and more, Command is ready to help assist in making the décor beautiful. Not only will you be able to hang your artwork on the wall without harm but the great products allow for one to get inventive with their décor. They are also perfect for dorm living as a welcome addition to make your college abode beautiful.

Command Picture Ledge

This is the perfect wall décor for propping up framed photos or diplomas. The Command Picture Ledge in a beautiful slate color is simple to hang using the special Command adhesive. Group a few in a row over a desk or bed to place favorite photos and small ornaments. Each ledge holds up to 5-pounds.

The Command Photo Bar

Command photo bar

Photos are meant to look at and enjoy. Often we want to change photos that are displayed for new ones as our lives change and evolve. The lovely Command Photo Bar makes the perfect addition to anyone’s décor. Hang one or a few in a row to showcase favorite photos, postcards and small art. Each slate colored attractive bar will display five items.

Command Decorative Knobs

Command knob

Command knob

Perfect are the Command Decorative Knobs to use as an interesting picture hanger or to make a décor statement on the wall as a hook for bags, scarves, jewelry and more. They come in several designs to fit all decors from a more traditional square slate knob to a more contemporary brushed nickel round knob.

Command Picture Hanging Kit

Command Brand is all about hanging so it is fitting that they now have the Command™ Picture Hanging Kit. This is the ultimate kit containing enough products to hang up to a variety of 15 pictures and posters. Each kit contains three sawtooth picture hangers, two wire back picture hangers, five large strips, four pairs of large picture hanging strips, eight pairs of small picture hanging strips, and 16 poster strips. The perfect kit to send in a care package to the college goer.

Command Canvas Picture Hangers

Command canvas hanger

Canvas works of art look beautiful hanging on the wall with no frame. Now with Command Canvas Picture Hangers it is very easy to hang canvases without any mess. The Canvas hangers are available in two sizes. The Large holds up to 3-pounds and the jumbo will hold up to 5-pounds. There is a small sawtooth ridge on the canvas hanger that grips into the back stretcher bar of the canvas frame to grip and hold art to wall.

Command Easel Back Picture Hanging Strips

Command easel back hanger

Finally, someone has invented a hanger to hang an easel back picture frame on the wall without it hanging crooked. Command Easel Back Picture Hanging Strips are made precisely to attach to the back of a table-top easel picture frame. The extra thickness of these hanging strips work to hang the table-top frames flat on the wall without interference from the easel back.

Time for a new refreshed décor or to move, then easily remove the Command products leaving no hint that they were ever on the wall. Command products are wonderful for just about all of your picture hanging and organizing needs. Have fun decorating the walls and then redecorating for a new mood or season. Easily reuse any Command Brand product just by applying a new Command refill strip.

Have fun getting creative and organized with the décor. Never be afraid to dance!

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