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She Shed Tips to Trump the Man Cave for Female Centric Comfort

As women are taking the rein in the head-of-household position, the Queen of the abode is now finding peace in a new space created known as the She Shed. Females are turning a room, space, or actual shed into her own private oasis to get away from the others in the household.

Leaving the men to their Man Cave in the basement or garage, the women are now taking control to create their own dream haven. With some helpful She Shed tips any female can easily fashion their own paradise to find moments to hide away in.

She Shed Advice for Decor and Relaxation

Allocate a Simple Space

No need to get stressed seeking an entire room to call one’s own if not possible. Find a corner to call the She Shed to hide away in.

  • Place a recliner, or a chair with ottoman, in which to read a great book.

  • Place a table and lamp next to the chair.

  • Allocate a tablet or laptop to become your TV for the moment to watch favorite shows and movies.

  • Keep a pair of socks, a throw blanket, and pillow for cuddling warmth.

  • If possible, add a decorative standing folding screen to the décor to keep the She Shed space private when in use.

Decorate to Own It

So, if there is a room or actual shed that can be turned into a She Shed then make sure all know that it is only for you with decor that shouts it.

  • Paint or wall cover the space with colors and patterns that are personally pleasing relaxing.

  • Add unique touches of favorite décor, such as artwork, that will be rewarding to the one who owns the space.

  • Furnishings should be comfortable and inspirational to fit one’s She Shed dream decor.

Make Special She Shed Time

Most women put everyone else ahead of themselves. Survey results show that 53 percent of women feel increased irritability when they don’t make time for themselves.

  • Once the space is created, make sure to allocate time to spend in the She Shed.

  • Work it into the routine schedule to spend precious destressing me-time moments regularly in the She Shed.

Work Free Zone

The She Shed should be a zone dedicated to rest and peace. Therefore, turn the work day off by declaring a work free zone, if only for just a few moments out of the day.

She Shed Tips to Trump the Man Cave for Female Centric Comfort

Image by Jill111 Courtesy of Pixabay - Creative Commons

  • Dedicate the space to reading a favorite book or watching a beloved TV show.

  • Sit back with a spa treatment face mask listening to soothing music.

  • Relish me-time with a bit of bubbly and a do-not-disturb sign.

Personal Snack Time

The She Shed is dedicated to the female, which means it should also be stocked with the special treats just for her.

  • Special treats should be kept hidden away from others for a snack made just for the She Shed owner.

  • If space permits, keep a mini fridge and cabinet ready with self-indulgent favorite snacks and beverages.

  • Think smart snacks to indulge in so that routines, and figures, are kept in perfect harmony. One can easily satisfy a sweet tooth by replacing calorie grubbing candy with a 90 calorie Chocolate Fudge Fiber One Bar.

  • Create a tasty indulgence with a treat inspiration recipe fashioned just for She Shed moments.

With the she said, he said as the war of the ages for human kind, females generally win when it comes to fashioning the home. Now it is time for the woman to really-own her own space in the abode by banishing the male to his cave and relishing time alone in her specially designed She Shed sanctuary.

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