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Sequin Fashion Trend Adds Sparkle to Daytime Style

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Sequin #fashion is on trend and not just for evening wear. Dressing up with #sparkle is fun and flirty allowing for one’s inner vixen to shout out.

The always beautiful bling on evening gowns and cocktail dresses is always on #trend but the sparkly sheen has found its way to adding new dimension and attitude to casual #daywear for both females and males.

Sequined Sundress

Flowers are always #beautiful but are enhanced to add delight for a fun afternoon out dressed up with #sequins on a sundress. Designer Anna Sui’s Floral Sequin Dress is stunning with shades of grey sequined flowers on a black spaghetti strapped casual dress. Pair the dress with cute sandals or add glamour with thigh high boots.

Sequin Sweatshirt

Ready to head out in favorite #jeans but want to add a sparkle to them to make a statement, then don a sweatshirt crafted out of sequins. A Grey Plain Sequin Hooded Long Sleeve Casual Pullover Sweatshirt will dress up any casual wear from #yoga pants to a pair of distressed jeans.

Sneaker Sparkle

Not ready to adorn the body with sequins but ready to add a touch of glitz to make a statement then have fun dressing the footsies in sequined sneakers. Champion Sequin by #Keds is all ready to dress up favorite jeans or a dress to strut the streets in comfortable style.

Sequined Bathing Suit

Sequins sparkle loudly in the sun which makes them perfect as an adornment for a beautiful bathing suit. Definitely be the life of the pool party jumping into the water dressed up in sequins wearing the Venus Sequin Bandeau Bikini Top and matching Sash Tie bottom.

Manly Sequin Sweater

Yes, men are now strutting the sequin trend as well on their everyday wear. The Saint Laurent Sequin-Embellished Fair Isle Sweater is an elegant statement. This beautiful sweater has just a touch of sequins weaved into its lovely design to add enough glimmer to make heads turn as the man wearing it walks by.

No need to speak out loud when one has fashion with the boldness to speak for them. Sequins do just that shouting to all as one enters a room donning the beautiful sparkle. Now available on sweat shirts and pants, tees and shoes sequins have made it on trend to wear the glitter out for daytime play as much as night time mingling.

Dress not only to impress, but also for fun and expression. Shout loudly with style and never be afraid to dance!

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