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NYC 2020 Startups Subsidized Program Plays Super Hero For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

No need to say hindsight is 2020 anymore when one now has help in the form of the new NYC 2020 Startups subsidized program to help plan for the future of realizing their business vision. Unlike similar programs that primarily focus on startups in the #tech industry, this special program aims to help individuals and small business #startups wishing to learn how to implement genuine ideas beyond just tech related. Now low tech artists, designers, chefs, as well as investors and all of those with distinctive visions have a chance to be supported with an amazing workspace and a brilliant #marketing team as mentors.

NYC 2020 Startups Subsidized Program Plays Super Hero For Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

2020 Startups Offers Aid for Startups

Early stage startups can now receive aid from a true hero that is 2020 Startups. New York City metro area entrepreneurs are invited to participate in order to learn how to build their unique vision into a #business reality. The 90-day program works as an accelerator to help young startups get going in the real world. Subsidized by New York City with partners such as LMHQ, Microsoft and Venture 1st, 2020 Startups is able to offer approximately $19,000 worth of aid for a nominal fee of $2500.

Mark Gold, managing director at 2020 Startups, describes the effort as an incredible city-subsidized program. “This is an entrepreneurial ecosystem providing a highly subsided three months of workspace, workshops, marketing assistance, mentors and investor intros for early-stage startups and small businesses.” Participants learn how to think like a visionary in order to pitch and sell their product, build strategic partnerships, and scale their business. 2020 Startups aims to help entrepreneurs realize and sustain dreams with resources that otherwise may of been unaffordable to them.

Gold is proud to state that those who take full advantage of the three-month program will certainly be ready to jump into the “Shark Tank.”

I personally feel this program is a godsend for hundreds of business owners who can't yet afford a city office, marketing and necessary daily operations.

All startups who are accepted into 2020 receive three months of intense prepping to learn how to actually market initiatives to become business ready realities. With 90 days of concentrated hands-on support, 2020 partners with more than 50 industry leaders and holds 12 #educational workshops conducted by senior executives. A remarkable 92-percent have reported a significant business improvement.

The long term goal of 2020 is to guide upstart businesspersons to gain the knowledge and ability to grow in order to maintain sustainable #NYC small businesses and create employment. With the program these new entrepreneurs should be able to employ approximately three people in just their first year. Along with the accelerator program, participants have access to a beautiful 24-hour workspace, marketing laboratory, executive workshops, one-on-one mentor, and investment assistance.

Thanks to the partnership with #LMHQ, a city-subsidized program by Downtown Alliance, 2020 is able to offer a collaborate workspace environment. A $2.5m city grant allowed for the construction of the state-of-the-art facility with five meeting rooms equipped with top-tier media, two living rooms, two workspaces, an event space and even a coffee shop. The space is not only magnificent but also offers amazing views overlooking the #Manhattan skyline and waterfront from the 20th floor on #Broadway.

2020 is serious about their mission stating, “We are a dynamic and co-evolving #entrepreneurial #ecosystem where communities of diverse visionaries create and capture new value through collaboration and sustainability.” As the song goes “If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere. It's up to you, New York, New York,” and NYC is surely doing their part to help novice entrepreneurs make it through 2020 Startups.

Strive to do the best to realize the ultimate visions. Never be afraid to dance!

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