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Navy Women Gain New Fashion Say and Acceptance

The U.S. Navy has been stepping up its game, in its attempt to give females an equal footing with their male counterparts, when it comes to standard attire and fashion glory. Changes in uniform design, to new hair, and accessorizing rules are allowing women who serve to finally have a say and gain acceptance in their dress.

Chosen active-duty and reserve female enlisted and officers answered a 34-question survey rating the style, appearance, and suitability of four newly designed uniform items. Congress requested the survey be completed by Feb. 1. The survey allowed Navy women to have a say in their fashion and gain equality.

In striving to be on equal footing with men, Navy women are not asking to look the same. Females sailors are winning by having a say in their uniform fashions as an avenue to gain identity, apart from their male counterparts and gain equal acceptance.

Read Carol's full article, to learn about what is new for Navy women's fashion, at Guardian Liberty Voice.

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