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Music Empowering Females Around the World

It is said, "Music calms the savage beast". In that same vein, music also crosses barriers of speech and beliefs to bring people together. Melodies can spread peace and hope, as well as add as work as an empowering force to help lift spirits, and give power to individuals and groups.

Although females have come far since the last centuries, women and girls are still striving to become equals in a world seemingly still overpowered by men. Music has become a very useful tool in furthering the efforts of helping to empower females around the world to strive to be the best that they can be.

Music Sends Message for Females to Rock Forward

Girls Rock Camp Alliance strives to assist girls in building self-esteem through finding their voices using music in girls’ rock camps around the world. Formed from a shared mission to empower girls and women through music education, the Girls Rock Camp Alliance aims to promote self-esteem and confidence using the enormous means that music provides.

The Alliance strives in achieving their core values using "the power of music as a means to create personal and social change.” With the power of music, the Girls Rock Camp Alliance strives to increase opportunities for girls and women and search for continued ways to fight sexism around the globe. Their core values emulate "integrity, honesty and respect" as well as diversity. Through a global effort, Girls Rock Camp Alliance strives to further their mission by collaborating and sharing resources.

"The Girls Rock Camp Alliance values diversity of age, race, economic status, gender expression, size, physical ability, developmental ability, musical interests, learning styles, nationality, religion, thought, citizenship status, and sexual orientation" as declared on their Statement of Diversity/ Non-Discrimination Policy, further stating "We promote respect and do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or other discriminatory behavior or expression."

Just as the Girls Rock Camp Alliance works to use music in their efforts to promote strong females, there are ways to learn how to use the power of music for those longing to empower their own lives. By taking the initiative to learn how to play the piano one can take control and garner strength in their lives through music.

Music as Stress Reliever

Music can add peace to a stressful day and assist in joining people together when searching for an answer. Imagine coming home from a nerve-racking day to sitting down at the piano and pounding out the day’s stresses on a keyboard, making beautiful music to melt away the tension.

As you are playing the music it allows for one's mind to wander and open up to new and happy thoughts and ideas. Think about how much more all could achieve simply by taking a moment out of the day to devote to music.

Music crosses all nationalities, religious beliefs, and languages. Through the voice of music, people can become united in common efforts. "War Divides, Music Connects," as noted with the Musicians without Borders simple and profound mission statement:

"Musicians without Borders uses the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war."

Sister Chan Khong, one of the leading voices of Musicians without Borders, understands the power and value of music stating: "Music is the voice of the Heart. Music can remove barriers of division and discrimination."

As with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance and Musicians without Borders, music has long been known to help lend a voice to efforts globally. Before technology people would gather to play, listen and dance to the joys of music.

Song has brought people together in singing to beg for the end of fighting by promoting peace, to "Make love, not war.” Everyone has the ability to give a voice to further themselves using the power of a melody. Music, whether being performed in front of millions or sung in the privacy of the shower, is always in the right key when it succeeds in furthering the fight to promote peace and growth for all.

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