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Museumlight Is Beautiful Art That Lights Up Abode’s Decor

A dream to light up the art world has been realized with Museumlight. No matter what one’s personal taste is, artwork is known to brighten up any décor. In his wishes to spread the joy and glow of art, Brian Acworth, the creator of Museumlight, has joined together beautiful art with functional décor into a creation of art that actually brightens up a room with light.


Light Up with Art

Acworth’s unique lamp invention comes from the heart and his joy of seeing people enjoy viewing creations of art that otherwise would just be hanging on a wall. “It’s all about the image,” the stately Acworth joyfully continues, “This is functional art, not just a lamp.” Holding three U.S. patents for his Museumlight, the inventor is very proud of his own artful creation being sold in museums and stores in his effort to spread the beauty of art appreciation.

The lovely Museumlight is a brilliant creation crafted specifically to take artwork out of their wall hung frames for people to appreciate. Worked into the décor, works of art are on view wrapped in an elliptical frame illuminated as a lamp. Not only did Acworth see his invention as a way to spread his joy of art, but he also wanted to make it fun adding the option of allowing customers to easily assemble their own lamps. The wonderful lights are very affordable as well with options of finishes, bases and shade paper.


The made in the USA lamps come in a choice of finishes including black, gold and silver, and in two design options. The lovely pedestal lamp comes assembled ready to put on an art show all its own lighting up the room with the chosen choice of art. Artistic fun comes in the tabletop lamp. The tabletop model comes both assembled and prepared for no tool assembly allowing for the lamp to be put together in seconds ready to shine an artful accent touch of light to the décor. Both versions fit the superior backlit images, created by cutting-edge printing technology, into a virtually indestructible frame crafted from Dupont Zytel, a very lightweight composite.

Each Museumlight is custom and made to order. One simply chooses an image from a catalog of choices spanning all interests ranging from fine works of art to air travel, cars, boats, animals, children’s and holiday designs, and customized images. Each work of art is printed out in a choice of three formats. Choose the beautiful archival quality paper imported from the venerable house of Hahnemϋhle in Germany to showcase old world art images. The semi-gloss ultra-media film is wonderful to print photographs on; it is a durable, even water resistant, high resolution backlit film that diffuses light to showcase an evenly beautifully lit printed image. For those who seek a beautiful display coupled with the most affordable option then they can have their chosen art printed on the beautiful quality exhibition matte media paper.


Different heights depend on the chosen image. The entire shade is printed; some with a wraparound such as the skyline of New York City and others printed with an image flanking the front and back. Whether preassembled or ready to assemble, what adds to the specialness of the art lamp is the fact that one can change out the image easily. Simply order additional images to swap in the elliptical frame for a new décor touch, or to celebrate a fresh season or holiday.

It is clear that the Museumlight is Acworth’s pride and joy. To supplement the beautiful functional light of art, each lamp is sold as an educational piece. A visual art guide featuring pertinent information about the chosen image comes with every Museumlight. Not only is this a beautiful addition to one’s own décor but it is also perfect to give as a gift to all ages. Children will love the fact that they can change out the art to grow with them from toddlers to college bound, and beyond. Art is meant to light up the world with beauty and Museumlight more than accomplishes this mission.

Follow Acworth’s lead to spread forward the passion of art and creating. Never be afraid to dance!

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