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Ment App: Rebecca Lima Makes Airport Travel Socially Savvy

The airport app Ment is the brain child of Rebecca Lima. After spending a huge portion of her life traveling, Rebecca realized the impact that social interaction could have on making airport travel easier.

Rebecca Lima has turned a vision into a reality. This millennial traveler’s dream is coming to life in her launch of her new inventive Ment #app. The cool app is aimed to have users connect and share information with each other in real time so that airport #travel can be a more #human and pleasant experience.

Our mission is to change airport culture from being disconnected and isolated, to a socially thriving environment for travelers.

Comfortable Airport Travel Created

The brilliant Rebecca Lima is more than just another #millennial heading to work after #college graduation. She is a private pilot, world traveler and speaker. Coming from a #family of aviators and entrepreneurs Rebecca was destined to be an #entrepreneur involved in the world of travel. After receiving her Mechanical Engineering degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a world-renowned #aviation university, the young graduate was hired to work for an oil field service company.

Rebecca’s three years of working for the corporation took the millennial worker on a course of traveling and spending endless time in airports. Her eyes were opened coming to the realization of the fact that airports were created for utility use and not for humans. “Airports have engrained a disconnected and isolating culture that has never sat well with me,” Rebecca explains.

Airports weren’t built with people in mind, we were a second thought.

Even if that meant leaving her promising career, Lima knew that she had a new calling to discover a way that would make airport travel more human. Since then, the intelligent engineer has fully dedicated herself to solving this problem and bringing humanity back to airports. Her quest and genius brought her to the idea of creating a new airport app based on crowd sourcing. Her dream resulted in the development of Ment.

Journey to Create Dream

The voyage of creating #Ment took Rebecca on a new journey of learning and discovering. Although she comes from an engineering background, programming wasn’t a skill that Ms. Lima needed to develop, that is until it came time for her to create Ment. Being the relentless woman she is, Rebecca set out to teach herself iOS development, along with UI/UX design. She took two video courses and within three to four weeks the new app inventor was working on coding and developing what would turn into Ment.

During her efforts Rebecca decided to have some fun too taking photos of her coding efforts to post on Instagram. To her surprise she soon had a full inbox of messages from people wanting to develop the app with her. Through this amazing power of social media Rebecca was introduced to Nestor Zepeda. She enlisted Zepeda to complete the development of Ment bringing Rebecca’s idea to life.

Crowd Sourcing Travel Socializing

Ment is centered on crowd sourcing in real time and is Geo sensed to be based off one’s airport location. Using the app will allow for people to post their situations along with social airport amenities such as restaurants, stores and spas, as well as statuses for flights. Rebecca is now using #TSA information through Ment to view security wait times. Through the innovative app those lingering in airports will also be able to find others to connect with to help pass the time while waiting for flights.

Rebecca strongly believes in the power of connectivity:

“We are living in an ‘experience economy,’ driven primarily by my generation, Millennials. We, as a generation, are traveling more than we’ve ever have, both for business and pleasure. Our airport experience sets the tone for our trips and frankly it can be the worst part. My vision is that one day people will actually enjoy their airport experience because of Ment.”

Her adventure to create Ment has also helped Rebecca to realize her dream of living in New York City. Noticed by Mark Gold, director of 2020 Startups, Lima was invited to bring Ment to the 2020 startups accelerator program in the Big Apple. Rebecca speaks of this wonderful experience, “I am humble about this great opportunity and am grateful for my life,” continuing “I want to make the most of my opportunity. My ultimate goal is to build businesses to provide for other women and minorities in order to help them.”

Lima is confident that Ment will change the status quo of airports and create a connected experience for airport travelers, especially younger travelers. The young innovator understands that there is a huge shift in society today where people are valuing experiences over things. Rebecca Lima is aimed to make Ment’s mission a comforting reality for maneuvering airports around the world.

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