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MC Hammer Commands 'Stop Hammer Time' As Partner With Command Brand [Interview]

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Command Brand celebrates 20 years of offering their wonderful damage-free organizing and decorating solutions by partnering with the amazing MC Hammer.

Hammer jumped on board as Command’s first celebrity spokesperson with the launch of the #DoNoHarm campaign. The famed recording artist Hammer is touting, “I’m a nail hating hammer” to show how Command products allow for all to put away the #toolbox and to hang fearlessly without damage to walls.

MC Hammer Chats About life With Carol Ruth Weber

Having a chance to speak with the wonderful musician about music, life and his dream décor reveals a man who has a quest to live life to its fullest.

Carol Ruth Weber: Joining with Command means having the chance to explore what you would like to hang on your own dream walls. What home decorating projects do you like to do?

MC Hammer: I like redecorating and changing color schemes starting in bedroom and then moving out to the other rooms. I love colors so I enjoy changing decor every couple of years.

CRW: How would you use Command to help decorate your own dream man cave?

MCH: I would start by taking off the current pictures on the walls. Then I repaint, and then hang new pictures. I like to change it up between the seasons of winter and summer. The #ManCave has to stay fresh!

CRW: What new #music do you have planned and how has it evolved with the new hip hop that is now on the scene? Are you still dancing?

MCH: I dance every day! Music is finite with only a certain amount of notes and keys for new artists to interpret. Chance The Rapper just released a new mixed tape called "Coloring Book". It is the perfect interpretation. He uses different #colors of music. You hear different sounds like colors, such as using every color of the spectrum musically. Caribbean, hip hop, #jazz and all sounds are each part of the spectrum.

CRW: How are you celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Too Legit to Quit”?

MCH: We are celebrating “Too Legit to Quit” by taking the album and diving into the cultural icons that are in the original video. There are over 20 sports Hall of Famers and the many music icons, as well as celebrities such as James Belushi.

We are going to look back and see the snap of that moment in time to make a documentary. We also have great footage from the "Adams Family" movie that the #song was featured in, with Raul Julia and the rest of the amazing cast. There are behind the scenes footage and extended versions to bring back in order to revisit the moment when the music ties everything together.

CRW: Well known for your #fashion as much as your music, how has your appearance evolved?

MCH: fashion in itself always repeats itself. As an artist the fashion looks I created came back with icons in Hammer pants. I made a cameo in Zoolander 2 playing myself in locked in fashion prison for my Hammer pants. Meanwhile there was a conversation about the pants and the director didn't realize that three people were wearing the fashion crime. 

CRW: How is your #family life?

MCH: it's fine. Sons, daughters and nephews from age 10 live with me. I have seven who have graduated college so far and am very proud.

Command Picture Hanging strips are the perfect alternative to using a hammer and nail. Unlike Nails that leave ugly holes in walls, the strips with easy stretch-removal leave no holes or residue on walls when removed.

MC Hammer joined Command Brand at New York City’s famed Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal in merriment of a #TBT moment. Those attending were invited to have a #lipsync duet with the only hammer who hates nails. Fun was had lip syncing along to Hammer’s most fabulous hits such as the fabulous “U Can’t Touch This.”

Take Hammer’s lead and stop hammer time in effort to beautify walls, and never be afraid to dance!

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