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Lovely Bathroom Organizing Products: Command Décor Review

Bathroom organizing can be frustrating with so many items, from toothpaste to shower essentials and hair necessities to towels to keep in their place. Add to the mix that a few members of the household may be sharing the bath and the managing of an organized bath can become very frustrating. Command Brand, known for their “Do. No. Harm” to the wall products to keep the décor organized and looking great, has recently come out with extremely attractive organizing bathroom décor.

Command Brand Bathroom organizers

The newest Command bath items are perfect for every situation, especially for those renting, since they not only add a wonderful designer touch to the décor, but they can also be removed leaving no wall damage when it is time to remodel or move out.

Bathroom Décor That Organizes

Yes, these Command Brand products do work, and yes, they do look like quality decorative additions to the bathroom’s décor. I personally put these wonderful rust resistant satin nickel Command Bath items in my own rental bathroom and am pleased to say they that hold up even when placing items inside and taking items out for daily use. These are the perfect organizing décor needed for getting the soap and other articles off of the bath’s vanity, tub surround and shower floor to keep the bathroom looking neat and beautiful.

Command Bath Caddy

The Command Bath Caddy in a satin nickel finish looks perfect on the wall to keep your shower essentials organized. Holding up to 6 ½-pounds this is perfect for shampoo, conditioner and shaving needs.

Command Bath Hook

Whether looking for a towel hook or a place to hang a robe, the Command Bath Hook holds up to 4-pounds and allows you to place it inside the shower and out. Place a couple side by side for each member of the household to have their own hook.

Command Bath Wall and Cabinet Organizer

Keeping clutter at bay is what the Command Bath Wall and Cabinet Organizer is meant to assist with. Able to hold up to 6-pounds this satin nickel finish caddy looks great on a wall but is also perfect to hang on the inside of cabinets doors. I placed it on my wall and was able to place my everyday skincare items neatly organized within reach.

Command Bath Accessory Organizer

No more need of trying to figure out what to do with those oversized toothbrushes and the toothpaste anymore. The Command Bath Accessory Organizer is the perfect place to put those items that need help standing on their own. Makeup brushes as well as combs will be kept neatly off of the vanity. I placed mine so that I can have everyone in the house have a clean place for their toothbrushes.

Command Bath Hair Dryer Holder

Command Brand Hair Dryer Holder

Finally, a company that sees a need to have a specific place to put a hair dryer. The Command™ Bath Hair Dryer Holder has a lovely satin nickel finish that looks beautiful on the wall. Even better is that it gives those blow drying lovers a place to neatly keep the blow dryer. No more leaving on the vanity top or taking up needed cabinet space. This is the must have as well for any girl living the dorm life.

Command Bath Hand Towel Bar

Guests need to use the bathroom too, yet you really do not want them to use your bath towels. The Command Bath Hand Towel Bar is the perfect bathroom accessory to place on the wall to allocate a hand towel that is in easy reach for drying hands. This is also a great bar to place in the bathtub for washcloths.

Command Bath Mirror

Fog resistant and lovely looking, the Command Bath Mirror in its satin nickel finish is perfect for those needing a shower mirror. This is the perfect aid for guys who like to shave in the shower.

Command Bath Soap Dish

Command Brand soap dish

Soap gets slippery, wet and icky. The Command Bath Soap Dish is the perfect way to keep bars of soap neat and clean. The lovely satin nickel finish is a wonderful décor addition and the slatted soap cradle allows for the soap to dry without creating a dirty puddle.

No need for those products with suction hooks that never hold, Command has perfected bath products to stay put and hold strongly in wet and humid conditions. As always Command Brand is all about damage-free hanging so their products need no tools nor leave no holes or damage to walls. These wonderful bathroom products use water-resistant strips to stick and stay put on most surfaces, including glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood and painted surfaces. Just be sure to follow all of directions on how to place them.

Want to redecorate or move then simply take the Command product off of the wall and remove the adhesive strips as instructed to remove cleanly without damage to surface. Simply purchase the refill strips for the specific Command product to reuse it in a new bathroom or to move to another location. Great for renters, college dwellers, or anyone looking for additional beautiful décor to organize their bathroom needs.

Take command and keep help the bathroom stay organized! Never be afraid to dance

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