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Laughter Fueled by Vic DiBitetto: Shouts ‘It is What it is’

Vic DiBitetto, known as “The Italian Hurricane,” is wonderfully outspoken in a humorous manner. He may be loud and hysterical on stage but in the green room the polite DiBitetto offered me food and drink as if entertaining me as a guest in his home. His wife, the lovely Lucy was there as well. One can tell that after many years of marriage the two still relish each other as he told me “she’s my rock.” The comedian honored me with a gracious interview before his two sold out shows at Governor’s Comedy Club in Long Island.

Vic DiBitetto is Truly Genuine

Photo by Carol Ruth Weber

It was a wonderful experience speaking DiBitetto, a man who knows how to make people laugh. Upon entering the venue to see the wonderful funny man perform I spoke with the club manager. I handed her my business card to give to DiBitetto asking him to have his agent get in touch with me so that I may interview him. As I sat down in anticipation for the show, she came running back stating, “Quick come with me.” We rushed off to the green room at Vic’s request so that I may talk to him before the show.

The short interview began with us talking about life as I asked him one simple question. Carol Ruth Weber: How did you get started?

Vic Dibitetto: I was always the class clown. Being a Brooklyn boy, my friends urged me to perform at Pips Comedy Club in Sheepshead Bay on an amateur night. I got booed off stage but was hooked. I had been breaking my butt for 33 years when it finally paid off between being in Mall Cop 2 and getting a manager who has been a godsend. I was able to quit my day job. I actually attracted Kevin James to offer me a part in the movie Mall Cop: Blart 2. I played Gino, another mall cop.

Not a bragger by any means, the humble DiBitetto, as if still amazed at his rise in fame, proudly announced to me “I sold out both shows tonight and last night [at the Brokerage also in Long Island] and came close to selling out Westbury Music Fair Memorial Day weekend”. After taking a couple of photos and allowing me to film him sending my daughter a little hello, in his own fashion, I left him to do his show.

A True Entertainer

Vic certainly knows how to entertain, giving his audience tons to laugh at and enjoy. The show was everything expected from such a talent. DiBitetto is wonderfully funny and fresh, never holding back but also does not attack anyone but his own outlook on his life and life around him. On stage DiBitetto proudly states that he and Lucy have known each other for 40 years before going off with his commentary about living as a husband and father. It is obvious how so relatable Vic is to all as the audience burst with laughter and applause.

DiBitetto’s bio states “He has been called a cross between Rodney Dangerfield and Ralph Kramden” but he is certainly his own man when performing and should not be compared to anyone else. That is the beauty of who he is and his comedy, that it is from a fresh perspective, a natural perspective. DiBitetto allows his audience inside his home to see the humor in his everyday life as well as his commentary on life around all of us.

Hysterical for every adult age, the wonderful Vic DiBitetto’s timing is never off. The Mr. Rogers type bit with, “These are the people in the neighborhood,” was naturally thrown in at just the right moment to get the audience roaring. What makes DiBitetto’s comedy so wonderful is that he is so relatable. The fun never stops with Vic as he seamlessly goes from one routine to another effortlessly. “I say what you are thinking,” he explains doing his comedy during his act. The statement could not be truer and is certainly why he is so loved. Perhaps the funny man’s most perfect commentary on life is his tag line, “It is what it is.”

If one has not seen any of DiBitetto’s videos, they are all a must see. Beware they do have some crass language but definitely appropriate as a part of his amazing talented act. What makes DiBitetto so funny is that his comedy seems effortless. He speaks from the heart and states, in his comedic way, what most are feeling.

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