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Laminate Cabinet Updating Tips to Beautify Kitchen And Bath

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The kitchen and bath cabinetry that is old and out of date can bring the home's decor down, along with its value. With some easy laminate cabinet updating tips you can enjoy a beautiful renewed decor without totally depleting your bank account.

Purchasing new furniture, appliances and fixtures can add a bit of freshness to the abode but will not hide the old out-of-date cupboards. Laminate #cabinetry updating is important for those looking to get a fresh and new look for their #decor.

Make Old Cabinets Into New Decor

The laminate cabinetry that was so popular 25-years ago now is in need of updating for this century. Old cabinetry can be costly to remove and replace, not to mention the mess and down time of not having a full #kitchen or #bathroom to use. No need to totally gut your room and pocketbook, by using a little elbow grease and imagination the built-in laminate kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be turned into beautiful new furnishings.

Paint the Laminate Away

Laminate Cabinet Updating Tips to Beautify Kitchen And Bath
Image by Kotivalo via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, #laminate can be painted, just remember preparation is key to getting the best looking finished product. For primer, paint and supplies a specialty paint supply store, or the paint specialist at your big box store, should be able to set you up with the necessary materials for the job.

  • Remove hardware and scrub the cabinetry clean.

  • Sand laminate surfaces well so that the paint will adhere.

  • Very important is to make sure to prime the cabinets with an appropriate paint primer made specifically to use on laminate type of material. This is also important for a smooth paint finish that will last.

  • Paint the cabinetry turning them into new beautiful decor. You will want to use a paint finish that is easy to clean such as a semi or high gloss.

New Hardware

Toss out that old out-of-date hardware including knobs, pulls - and hinges if they are seen. Replace the old pulls and knobs with new attractive accessories. Look at photos online and in magazines for ideas.

Consider combining knobs with handles by placing knobs on cabinet doors and handles on draws. This will instantly add newness to the old cabinetry in a quick and easy fashion. The new hardware placed on the newly painted cabinetry will be the icing on the cake for the decor.

Paint Laminate Counters Too

Laminate Cabinet Updating Tips to Beautify Kitchen And Bath
Image courtesy of Giani

After you have completed transforming the cabinetry with paint you can do the same with the old laminate #countertops. Achieve the look of a beautiful stone or granite countertop simply by painting your existing laminate counters.

Giani has lovely kits that make transitioning the ugly old laminate counters into new stone looking modern beauties without the high cost of actual replacing. After choosing your color and look of choice just follow the simple instructions to achieving new beautiful countertops.

Add New Backsplash Excitement

An updated #backsplash will add a bit of an artistic touch to the new decor. Consider decorating the countertop backsplash in a beautiful tile with a few mosaic glass or metal mosaic tiles for a special added touch. There are easy self-adhesive tiling options perfect to easily create a tile backsplash yourself.

Fresh Appliances to Complete New Decor

If it is in the budget, then complete the new kitchen #renovation by updating the appliances as well. Get good deals in clearance areas where the side of a refrigerator, that will be hidden anyway against your wall, may be scratched. If brand new #appliances are not an option then you can update old stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers by #painting them with a Giani Liquid Stainless Steel Paint Kit.

Laminate Cabinet Updating Tips to Beautify Kitchen And Bath
Image courtesy of Giani

Do not be surprised by all of the compliments that you receive on your new spectacular kitchen. Little will everyone know that you were able to achieve the new decor without breaking the bank. Entertaining will be a pleasure preparing for the spectacular fun in your new kitchen.

Take pleasure in updating the decor and never be afraid to dance!

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