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International Women’s Day Celebrates Female Empowerment

Taking it one day at a time is a very fitting statement when honoring International Women’s Day. Females from around the globe come together in solidarity to acknowledge all that women have done, do now and will do in the future. On this day, we are encouraged to shout the call to showcase all that our sisters celebrate. I feel so honored to be a woman put on this Earth and take my duties seriously to pay forward my female prowess to others.

Image by Desiakoraput creative commons via Wikimedia Commons

Celebrating Women’s Valor

For well over one hundred years’ women have been celebrating global womanhood on March 8. As a strong woman raising a strong woman I feel honored to have brought my daughter into this world on Feb 28. Her birthday marks the very first Women’s Day celebration known to take place in 1909. Perhaps it was destined that she would strive to be a leader in her own right.

March 8 became the actual day to honor women every year in 1917 in Russia. It was on this day that Russian women textile workers started a demonstration that became the beginning of the Russian Revolution. I come from a strong background of fearless women fittingly going back to the Russian Revolution.

It was not the female textile workers being blamed at the time for the revolution, but the Jews. My Jewish Grandmother took the reins and compromised her own safety to get herself and her love, my Grandfather, away from harm in Russia. Grandpa Harry was able to run from the unrest to take refuge in the U.S., sneaking in as Grandma Esther’s brother.

Women’s demonstration for bread and peace — March the 8th, 1917, Petrograd, Russia via Wikimedia Commons

Women’s demonstration for bread and peace — March the 8th, 1917, Petrograd, Russia

via Wikimedia Commons

Women Celebrating Empowerment

For all the eons since the earliest years celebrating Women’s Day, women have been striving to stay true to their ambitions and fight for equal rights in societies that traditionally put men first. I have always taken pleasure in celebrating my female power. As a woman and mother, I feel that it is my duty to pass on my influence and knowledge to empower others. It is important for girls and women to understand that ambition is not a dirty word.

All women should take pride in achievements and any ambitious prowess. Unlike our male counterparts, we have had to fight major battles to win what we have aspired to accomplish. Whether a CEO, leader of a country or being the very best caregiver of ourselves and loved ones, females continue the endeavors to gain acceptance.

I joke with my daughter that the best thing I did for her is that I raised her as a starving artist single mom. I take pride in all I have accomplished to nurture her, owning my own home and passing on the values of hard work, caring for others and striving to be the best person she could be. For being female does not mean that you cannot venture to climb up the ladder of your own choice, even if it was once a ladder that only men were allowed to climb.

Hannah and Carol

Like mother, like daughter

My little girl is now on her way to passing on empowerment to other females. On this International Women’s Day, I am celebrating my bassoonist, scuba diving and lover of sharks’ daughter as she prepares for university graduation with a degree in engineering heading out to conquer the world as a U.S. Naval Officer. Who knows, my baby girl could someday be Secretary of the Navy. Along with accomplishing her mission of saving the world with her female powers I know that my girl will strive to pass on female empowerment knowledge.

All women have their own life stories to be told, heard and to convey. In the workplace or working at home, we are moms, daughters, wives, sisters and caregivers and owe it to each other to band together to make a difference for the future. We have come a long way baby but also have a long way to go. Keep the revolution going girls, shouting out “Her Voice Is My Voice” in unity.

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