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Image Skincare Neck Lift crème works miracles plus perfect mate for Signature Peel

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

A face lift and neck lift without surgery is the holy grail that has been sought out for eternity. Image Skincare certainly has discovered a magic potion with their new The MAX stem cell neck lift. Unlike other companies luring clients with unfilled promises, Image Skincare conducts tests and studies standing by their amazing products and peels that prove to be wonderfully effective.

Image Skincare Neck Lift crème works miracles plus perfect mate for Signature Peel

Neck Lift Creme That Works

The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift crème is all about ultra-firming the neck and décolletage areas. Image created this innovative crème with their paraben free special Vectorize-Technology using the maximum concentration of ground-breaking peptides along with #stemcell #technology derived from plants. The aim to minimize sagging, creases, lines and wrinkles proves amazing results that show increased skin elasticity with a brighter, tighter and more defined neck and jawline.

Statistically significant improvement in the appearance of neck sagging and jaw line contour, fine line and wrinkles. Skin hydration (100% improvement in test subjects). Skin firmness (89.66% improvement in test subjects). Skin elasticity (75.86% improvement in test subjects).

There have been many companies enticing with the possibilities of a more youthful appearance only to lead consumers to emptier pockets, coupled with disappointment. No disappointment with the Image Neck Lift. It really does work. Some of the awful aging and sagging symptoms can now be deterred without in office treatments of more painful methods.

Even with a love for Image #Skincare, trying the neck lift product one goes in with a bit of hesitancy as just how many other products have been tried promising the same results without following through. Well this one does work and proves again that Image Skincare knows what they are doing.

Easy Neck Lift Instructions

Simply apply the lovely crème to neck and décolletage every morning and evening after cleansing. Oh my, after six weeks of steady use the mirror side view test certainly does reveal a firmer and tighter neck and jawline. The neck is amazingly visibly lifted. In fact, one is hard pressed to see a difference between the wonderful soothing Image Neck Lift crème versus after having a more painful invasive treatment.

A surgical lift may tighten up the appearance more but for anyone not wishing, or needing, to go through the expensive and painful surgery then this is a great product worth using. Daily use of the neck crème alleviates the appearance of the dreadful aging crepe like tissue that can appear on the neck.

Of course in Image Skincare’s mission to beautify and enhance to make each looking and feeling as wonderful as possible, they strive to tailor treatments to unique needs. An Image Skincare Firming Neck and Décolletage Peel is the perfect accompaniment to have when using the lovely Skin Lift crème.

The comforting Image Signature Peel wakes up a tired face and complexion as the perfect basis to enhance the daily routine of using favorite Image Skincare products. A recipe of vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes create the Signature peel specifically formalized to speed up cellular renewal. As described by Image Skincare, “New technology of centella stem cells support rosacea/redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session.”

Firming Neck and Décolletage Peel Treat

Image Skincare has taken their Signature Peel and expanded it specifically to create a special protocol to treat the total face, neck and décolletage areas with the Image Skincare Firming Neck and Décolletage Peel. With this treatment the ILUMA Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder has been added to the cleaning step.

During the lovely massage process the Vital C Hydrating Facial Oil is applied. The greater New York City Image Skincare territory manager and master Esthetician, Monique Iacobacci, certainly shows her know-how in the use of this wonderful newly developed peel as she applies the luscious procedure. in addition to the exfoliating #skin reviving peel, Iacobacci proves just how relaxing this treatment is.

As part of the protocol the lovely oil is massaged into the neck and total upper chest area, then into the shoulders and down the arms into the hands and fingers. After the nourishing and comforting #massage step, a MAX Stem Cell Masque is applied with Hyaluronic Facial Enhancer added to it. The amazing peel is even more enhanced with yet another massage step applying the MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift Crème in.

The exfoliating, hydrating and brightening Image #Skincare Signature Firming Neck and Décolletage Peel is an absolutely gorgeous total nourishing treatment. It is the perfect treatment to have to prepare for the #summer season. With its attributes, Iacobacci recommends complementing summer fun with a mid-season peel to stay fresh and rejuvenated as well as a post summer peel for extra hydrating and brightening.

This lovely peel is so light and refreshing that it is perfect as a monthly maintenance treatment for the delicate décolletage area. It is the ideal treat to enhance one’s skin for the now trendy off the shoulder fashion.

It is always an indulgence receiving an Image treatment. Visiting the spas, medi-centers and doctors that offer Image is like walking into a haven of soothing tranquility in itself. Clay Spa in New York City is one of the fabulous approved facilities specifically trained in providing Image Skincare procedures.

Rachel Brown, an Esthetician herself, takes special care as Clay’s #Spa Manager in making sure clients have the ultimate of spa experiences. Brown works with the estheticians at Clay to thoughtfully and expertly evaluate one’s skin to create a treatment and regimen specifically tailored to individual’s different skincare needs.

Having an Image treatment at Clay is like being whisked away for a soothing vacation. Clay is hip and fresh with its own spa as well as trainers and a delightful rooftop lounge open to welcome sunbathing and relaxing for a summer weather retreat within the Big Apple.

Image Skincare goes above and beyond in their quest to spread beautiful skin to all. After having any treatment Image Skincare has a protocol especially made for post treatment in order to prolong for lasting effects. In their quest to optimize post treatment recovery Image has developed a new I RESCUE Post Treatment Recovery Balm.

This balm replaces past recovery methods involving petroleum based products. Specifically created in the knowledgeable and caring hands of plastic surgeons the Image Recovery Balm is gentle, made with certified organic ingredients and is petrolatum, paraben and mineral oil free. Detailed by Image, “This multi-functional restorative complex with organic ingredients supports regenerative processes of the skin after treatments such as laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Dramatically helps reduce transepidermal water loss, discomfort, redness and irritation with plant-derived botanicals and antioxidants.”

After using the MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift crème daily, coupled with the Signature Firming Neck and Décolletage Peel, and a treat of the soothing Recovery Balm, one will be hard pressed not to relish their amazing fresh and lifted appearance.

Image Skincare never disappoints in its never ending quest to spread innovative products, treatments and education to make all feel the best that they can be. With amazing new products like their The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift crème and the Recovery Balm, Image Skincare continues on with their mission, “Helping the world to Age Later.”

Discover Image Skincare at approved salons, spas and medical offices, such as the magnificent Clay, specifically trained to use and sell the products. Go to the Image website’s store locator tab and enter a zip code to find a location nearby to check out the IMAGE Skincare magic. For those wanting to test out before totally committing to purchasing a full size regimen, simply buy an IMAGE trial size package set ready for one to begin a love affair with Image Skincare.

Keep the image hydrated for the best skinlicious possible. Never be afraid to dance!

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