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GhostBed Delivers A Perfect Nature's Sleep At Amazing Value [Video]

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The friendly #GhostBed has arrived on the trendy popup scene of mattress in a box delivery companies. Purchasing a mattress no longer requires one to set out to a store to be bombarded by salespeople selling beds like used cars. Simply place an order online or by phone and one can receive the ultimate of mattresses in just a matter of days delivered to the front door ready to unbox.  Much like a ghost that can morph into different shapes, the GhostBed is a mattress precisely designed to conform to any body type and need for a peaceful journey into dream land.

Setting GhostBed apart from the rest of the #boxedmattresses is the fact that it is created by #NaturesSleep, an actual wholesale and retail bed company grown out of generations of inventors and innovators. Marc Werner, the CEO of Nature's Sleep and GhostBed, has made it his goal to manufacture mattresses and sleep creations that offer customers the necessary luxury of comfort that is affordable. After undergoing his own battle with severe pain and multiple neck surgeries, Werner understands firsthand the importance of finding the right mattress to alleviate pain to get restful sleep.

Werner's Nature's Sleep retail store inside the corporate headquarters, gives him the advantage of engaging with clients and learning their specific wants and needs when researching to manufacture the ultimate #mattress. Visiting Werner at Nature’s Sleep, neatly hidden behind a cozy and inviting retail store front, one immediately understands what makes GhostBed a winner among ship boxed mattresses. Along with the 12000-foot headquarters complete with warehouse, are an additional eight warehouses in the United States, as well as operations around the world of delightful sleep choices.

Out Of The Box Winner

When viewing the GhostBed next to the most common sold boxed mattress in the Nature’s Sleep store, it is immediately apparent that the GhostBed is a luxury bed, while the other appears and feels extremely inferior. Werner explained that the GhostBed is made with higher premium materials adding weight and quality. The queen size Ghost Bed mattress is 90 pounds and 11-inches thick versus the 60 pound, 9-inch thick common boxed mattress.

The Ghost Bed can support up to 700 pounds of weight, while the other famous boxed mattresses only support 400 pounds. The extremely sturdy and unique Ghost Bed foundation can hold 2000 pounds. The heavy gage 4-way stretch fabric used on the GhostBed adds to the comfort of conforming to a body. Werner points out that with each night sleeping on a GhostBed one feels better as it molds to the body. 

With decades of producing #sleep products, Werner has realized a way to deliver a wonderful mattress at a tremendous savings in his GhostBed. A 20-year warranty promises a totally durable mattress for years of the best sleep possible. Even better than a quick trial lay down in a showroom, once one unboxes their new GhostBed there is 101 nights to try it out backed by 100-percent guarantee if not pleased. Werner’s goal is to have customers who are completely satisfied. He welcomes customers to contact Nature’s Sleep with any questions or issues aiming to work specifically with those who are having sleep problems.

A common #memoryfoammattress can often wake one up by creating too much heat from the body when sleeping. GhostBed is designed with the ultimate balance to support 11-inches of comfortable sleep. It utilizes a 1½-inch thick aerated latex foam over a 2-inch pressure reducing gel memory foam created specifically for a cooler sleep. These layers top the 7 1/2-inches of a durable supportive high density base.

Easy Comfort Order and Delivery

Ordering the GhostBed is a breeze. Simply choose from the many sizes available. The GhostBed comes in twin, XL twin, full, queen, king and California king. Also setting the GhostBed apart from the herd is the option of the all wood matching foundation to complete a mattress set. GhostBed is the only company that not only offers a wonderful mattress delivered to one's door ready to use but also a wood platform that comes ready to put together complete with a fabric cover to match the mattress.

Add the choice of mattress size to the cart along with the foundation if desired. The GhostBed is shipped within 48-hours promising a quick free delivery. Making it super easy to order are the payment options of a credit card, Amazon account, PayPal account or financing.

It is very exciting to see the Queen size GhostBed arrive at the doorstep by Fed-Ex compressed and vacuum sealed up snug in its signature box of only 23-inches by 20-inches and 39-inches high. Along with the mattress box is the delivery of a narrow box of 12-inches by 12-inches, by 82-inches for the queen size foundation.

Instant Satisfaction

Eagerly the box for the foundation is opened for assembly to begin. All one needs is an old fashioned philips screwdriver, or a handy electric or battery, screwdriver to assemble the wood for the foundation. The base includes the application of bands of wooden slats that the mattress will be laying upon. Finishing off the 9-inch high foundation is a fabric cover to match the mattress. In 40 minutes the mattress's base is fully completed and in place.

Easily unbox the mattress. The mattress unfolds and comes alive as one cuts its wrapping. The queen size opened to showroom perfection and fit flawlessly on the platform. The beautiful mattress cover has a luxurious feel. An added bonus is that the cover simply zips off in order to be machine washed. The covered platform looks beautiful with the matching mattress making it almost a shame to have to cover the clean decor lines with bedding.

Ultimate Comfort

One instantly experiences the excellent mattress design upon lying down. With a husband who has back pain and prefers firm and one who suffers from fibromyalgia and needs a softer mattress, the GhostBed proves to be mattress perfection for both needs. The thick 11-inch mattress certainly provides immediate huge comfort. One can feel the instant soothing support that the GhostBed provides to the entire body.

The mattress feels firm at first, surprising for memory foam. After just the first night sleep on the GhostBed, aches normally felt upon rising are remarkably reduced. Once one has had a few nights of sleep on the mattress the body really acclimates to the GhostBed and there is certainly much noticeable improvement to sleep and relief for aches and pains. Werner was correct explaining that every night of sleeping on the bed produces even more comfort.

Werner, in understanding how pain can interrupt a good night's sleep, made it a priority for the GhostBed to support proper spinal alignment. Important to Werner is to be as green as possible with his décor as well as his manufacturing. Aware of sensitivities, GhostBed is manufactured completely without the use of any harmful chemicals with all materials used promised to be CertiPur-US approved. The GhostBed mattress is created to be the perfect balance between soft and firm in a very affordable mattress crafted in America, not sold in stores and is very easy to purchase. 

Werner is constantly working on producing new and innovative mattresses. The man with a vision partners with others in Europe to develop high tech foams engineering with phase change material which keeps one temperature neutral. The new high tech science aims to keep sleepers neither too hot nor too cold. Foam is cut on a special CNC machine programmed to cut specific patterns designed to mold to the body. Werner explained that the procedure takes 60 to 80 hours to make a mattress. He prides himself on his business has the highest end memory foam mattress in the world at a cost that is much less than many so called named high end famed manufacturers.

With his wife as inspiration, Werner even invented a mattress specifically made for stomach sleepers. It is the only mattress in the nation, if not the world, that is made for those wishing to sleep on their tums. Lying down on it makes it immediately apparent Werner also designed the mattress to be amazing for back and side sleepers as well.

GhostBed honors its' mission statement "To produce and deliver the highest possible quality for a bigger, better and more affordable mattress." Reading the reviews of GhostBed it is apparent that Werner’s innovative mattress is doing all that it promises and exceeding expectations. The family run Nature's Sleep proves to be an amazing caring company.

A GhostBed worth sleeping on for those seeking great dream time. Never be afraid to dance.

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