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George McCrae Belts Out Disco Cruise Soul Enjoyment

George McCrae is rocking on as he belted out on the 2020 Ultimate Disco cruise proving his right to be known as the "Acknowledged Leader" of the soul revolution. The man known for his 1974 hit “Rock Your Baby,” actually-began the “Miami Sound” which turned into the sound for which disco grew from.

McCrae’s “Rock the Boat” sold over 52 million copies earning it the status of being a historical worldwide top-selling pop record. Since that song McCrae earned two platinum singles, two platinum LP's and fourteen gold records – plus top music award accolades from around the world.

Read my NYNJ interview with the wonderful George McCrae to hear about all the new excitement that this amazing talent has in store for the world SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND SUBSCRIBE: SIGN UP FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS FROM WEBERLIFEDESIGN

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