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Forever 9/11 Remembered At Home And Around The World

In a blink of an eye 15-years have passed since 9/11, yet it still seems like yesterday that in a flash on that fateful morning the United States and the world was changed forever. As life endures we take this day to pay homage to those lost as a result of ignorance and jealousy. The years have flown by watching our children grow as the new World Trade Center tower climbed into the sky and became a new beacon of hope, freedom and remembrance. 9/11 will never be forgotten.

By Denise Gould, via Wikimedia Commons

Terror Hits Home

The New York metro area on that Tuesday 9/11, 2001 was an amazing clear and beautiful morning with the sun gleaming in a lovely blue sky. On that morning, just as every other early a.m., as I drove to work, I watched the planes fly over my car towards JFK airport in their normal landing pattern. Relishing the picturesque day as I listened to music on the car radio news suddenly broke in reporting that the North World Trade Tower was hit by a plane. Immediately I thought, “What inexperienced pilot was so thoughtless or arrogant to fly a plane so close to the tall buildings.” Who knew that soon our world would be changed forever, for no one immediately imagined that we were now in a war zone.

By the time I entered my office the news of the second plane hitting was now coming over the air waves. Listening to the news in disbelief, it is broadcasted that an airplane just hit the Pentagon as well. It is now revealed that terrorists had hijacked planes to literally use as bombs to attack our country. Stunned and shocked we listen to the report of a fourth airplane crashing in a Pennsylvania field mourning the loss of the brave souls who fought to down the terrorists taking over their plane. More news stunned our lives with the falling of the towers. Within a matter of moments is was abundantly clear that war had come to our shores. New York, Washington, Pennsylvania... what was to be next.

Our country had been attacked a mere 25 short miles away from my home. I rushed back to my small town to pick up my then six-year-old daughter from first grade. I hugged her tightly knowing we were together alive and still safe. As parents rushed to their children on that day all we knew was that we needed to be with our loved ones. The school did not call us... it was our hearts that took over.

Flag flying at ground zero 9/11

Photo By Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Life Forever Changed

Drawn to the beach on 9/11 15-years ago, not to relax in the sunshine but to view the skyline, we prayed as we witnessed the smoke rising from Ground Zero. Eerily the smoke created a shadow that appeared to be a likeness of Bin Laden’s face. Every day after, the smoke continued to fill the sky and the constant sound of fighter jets flying above clearly gave us a reminder to never forget. With the days and weeks that followed, even as the smoke subsided, life would never again be what we remembered as our "normal.”

I now sit here writing my words to the world, something that perhaps I would never be doing if not for that day. Before 9/11 my work as an interior designer was thriving and busy. I always enjoyed writing as a side gig never thinking that one day I would spread my words to the masses as a journalist. After 9/11 life forever changed.

Our country went to war and the economy suffered. 9/11 caused many of us to relish what we have and to reinvent ourselves in the wake of an economic downfall. Writing became more than just a creative outlet for me. Soul searching assisted me in finding the courage to use my innate wordsmith abilities as a way to spread my knowledge, assist others and to be a part of our huge world.

In spite of terrorists’ actions and attempts following that September day in 2001, the US has risen from the ashes to gain strength with every year that passes. The story of the history of the "The Star Spangled Banner" holds true for every attack made towards our country and freedoms.

"And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

With the sun shining down reflecting in the pools at the World Trade Center site, it is a somber and important reminder that we do not forget when the planes crashed like bombs and the world was changed forever. May we never forget those lost that day, and the many lives lost and changed as a result in the recovery efforts and battles abroad that have followed. As life continues to go on we must pass on the memories of that fateful day. Forever 9/11 will take hold of our hearts as if enveloping one in the arms of the spirits lost as its result.

Embrace life every day and all that it offers. Never be afraid to dance!

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