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Empty Nest Decorating Ideas To Add New Life In The Abode

Empty nest decorating can help fill the void of missing the chicks that have left the cozy nest. After parenting for so many years your world is suddenly filled with silence as the last birdy has flown the coop and is now safe in their new college abode. After winning the battle of raising a family you are finally rewarded with a space to call your own.

guest room, charlotte holmes of Rogue designs

guest room, charlotte holmes of Rogue designs

Dreams fulfilled thanks to empty nest decorating

The new found room can now fulfill dreams of a space catered to specific wants and needs. Even with the wars battled when the kids are at home, when they are suddenly gone the quiet is a reminder of how much they are missed. This is a good time to keep yourself occupied. Redecorating the abode is a great way to stay busy at the same time creating a beautiful space to live and relax in.

The kids may be gone for the moment but you do know that they will be back, so it will be necessary to prepare your new room for double duty.

Trade in traditional bed

Save on space by getting rid of the traditional bed. Purchase furnishing that will double as a place for you to sit and read as well as a bed. Traditional sleeper sofas can be uncomfortable and futons can look clunky. Your new piece of furniture can look lovely, be comfortable, as well as priced right.

Check out IKEA, for a great assortment of sofa beds and futons with an assortment of mattresses to choose from. The Lycksele is very comfortable and comes as a small armless loveseat that fits into small quarters to open into a full size bed. Many of IKEA’s choices also have many covers to choose from to fit into any décor. You can also have your own custom cover easily made.

Pull-out wall beds, commonly known as Murphy Beds are also wonderful options for the new empty nest room. These beds are hidden inside beautiful cabinetry that can double as a desk top and even a sofa. You can also consider raising your birdy’s bed into a loft leaving room underneath for you to place a sofa bed or desk.

Once you have the place to sleep when the birdy flies back to the nest to visit you can now proceed with your new empty nest decorating dreams.

Special room for quiet

Make the room into a quiet place to escape to. Mates may take over the basement, garage, and everywhere else. This could be a refuge. Have your sitting space for reading and contemplating. Add some nice scents and music. Create extra cozy warmth with a wall hung electric fireplace.

Office central

home office, AgnosticPreachersKid

home office, AgnosticPreachersKid

This is the perfect chance to create that dream home office or designated computer room. Imagine having an official computer room with a couple of desks for both of the mates at home. This will keep the computers out of the bedroom and family room allowing for a peaceful work environment.

Dream home gym

Now you have your chance of creating a dream workout room with a home gym of your very own. Research the exercise equipment that you have been longing for. Determine how much room you will need. Perhaps you want to invest in one machine and have an open space for aerobics and yoga.

Space to be creative

Design a room that promotes creativity. Dreaming of having your very own space to create those arts and DIY projects then this is the perfect opportunity. Convert the space into a place where you can be comfortable in to knit, draw, paint, do pottery, or make jewelry. Cover a wall in cork boards to display your art work, and to post notes and patterns. Create a wall of shelves to showcase projects, creations and pottery.

Media home

home theater

Fantasies fulfilled- you now have the chance to create a dream media room. Whether wanting to get into gaming, watch your favorite teams or love having movie nights, this is the perfect opportunity to plan out the ultimate media center. Have fun shopping to invest in the large screen TV with all of the bells and whistles. Add a refrigerator and microwave. Sink back in your new sofa bed or into a comfy chair and enjoy the experience.

Combo of dream rooms

Cannot decide or it is a draw of what dream room you really want, then combine a few dream rooms into one multipurpose room. With floor planning, cabinetry, furnishing and creativity you can create the ultimate room to quench your desires to have a place to reflect, work out and enjoy some media fun.

  • Prepare for guests with new beds and bedding.

  • Build a wall of cabinetry for storage and books. IKEA has wonderful shelves that create a built-in effect without the high cost.

  • Invest in a nice TV to hang on the wall. The TV can easily be incorporated into your wall of shelving and storage.

  • Create an open desk top to plop the lap top on or to work on your craft projects.

  • Add an elliptical machine or tread mill in a corner. You do not want to waste precious space so make sure that you use the equipment. The best tip for working out is to be consistent exercising at the same time each day or every other day.

Have fun with your new found space. Do not feel guilty, the kids are sure to be having fun with their new freedoms and lives away from home. After giving of yourself to so many for so long, you deserve to enjoy your entire home and your life. Make the new space in the abode a place where you can be yourself.

Turn up the tunes and never be afraid to dance!

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