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Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas To Refresh the Decor

Eco-friendly decorating presents an opportunity to attain a new decor with limited funds while also promoting "greener" living. With a bit of creativity one can have fun repurposing objects into new decor to use to redecorate the abode.

Every day welcomes a new chance to learn how to live a healthier, and more environmentally, and economically responsible, life. Traffic is plentiful and every square inch seems to be filling up with structures, black top, and concrete. Environmental savvy decorating allows for a method to work towards limiting the impact that over abundance has on the society.

Creative Eco-Friendly Decorating Ideas

One can have fun being creative as a way to assist in promoting a healthier living environment for all. Fashioning existing items into unique new decor is an inventive, and pleasurable, opportunity to redecorate and, at the same time, prevent another article from ending up in a landfill.

Fill a Tossed-Out Find with New Life

By turning objects, originally manufactured for something other than the decor, into a home to house greenery is a great idea to add new life to the old furnishings. Get the brain going with eco-friendly decorating creativity to reinvent old objects into new living pieces of decor.

  • Old shoes and boots can be fashioned into wonderful planters ready to add true greenery to spruce up the decor.

Image by Lauren Courtesy of Fickr - Creative Commons

  • Paint old tires to turn them into new planters that work to add color and beauty. Stack a few up to create a retaining wall when seeking to create a new landscape design.

Image by Artfully Unforgotten Courtesy of Flickr - Creative Commons

Old Glass Equals Fresh Decor

Think outside of the box by upcycling old clear glass into living worlds. Wonderful terrariums can turn a boring wall or tabletop into new excitement of decor that will become the center of attention.

  • Light bulbs of all sizes can be turned into a great DIY project to create a beautiful living work of art. Display on a tabletop or screw the light bulb back into an old wall sconce for a decorative wall sculpture.

Image by Wicker Paradise Courtesy of Fickr - Creative Commons

  • A glass lamp base can be turned into a unique artistic terrarium. Create a garden in a clear glass base and then add a lamp shade that is simple to not take away from the green decor statement. Flick the switch to shed some light onto the beautiful eco-friendly decorating greenery.

Birch Lane Wallington Glass Table Lamp

  • Repurpose that old, no longer relevant, coffee pot to make an interesting terrarium filled with color instead of coffee grounds.

Image by ビッグアップジャパン Courtesy of Flickr - Creative Commons

  • Clear salt and pepper shakers, spice jars, and old syrup jars make for a lovely grouping of terrariums to be displayed in the kitchen on a wall hung spice rack.

Madebymavis on Etsy

  • Decorate the seasonal greenery with new life by turning a clear glass Christmas ornament into a terrarium. These ornaments are perfect to add an eco-friendly decorating touch to the decor all year round. Hang them to display in a window as a buzz-worthy discussion piece.

Image Coutresy of

  • Spruce up one's own fashion by wearing a smart terrarium charm. A tiny glass bottle can be crafted into a tiny living garden charm to adorn as a necklace. These lovely tiny terrariums are also perfect additions to brighten the decor strung on a lanyard that can be hung on a wall, or across a shelf.

Image Courtesy of

Plants are perfect to advance eco-friendly decorating for a healthier and happier living space. They provide color and beauty to the abode, as well as pleasant company to converse with who will not talk back.

Energy should be powered by creativity, not electric, to nurture greener living for future generations. Inventive ideas equal beautiful furnishings that promotes a healthier environment. Plant the path to a beautiful new decor.

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