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Dudeundies Lacey Manly Underwear: Check Out This Hot Fashion Trend

Dudeundies knows how to dress men in lacey manly underwear style. With a new hot trend, men have a chance of wearing undies created specifically for them designed from delicious lace creations. Imagine rugged sexy men in just the right amount of lace fashioned in manly undergarments ready to surprise, entice and beguile. Lace is no longer just for the dainty female and Dudeundies certainly understands how to clothe dudes in lacey manly style.

Manly underwear crafted in lacey trend

Lacey underwear is known to be arousing and sexy. Whether wearing it to allure someone else or just to feel dressed up for oneself, your undergarments definitely are the foundation for the fashion statement you ultimately want to make. has a variety of lace styles ready to make any man feel both manly and sexy.

See for yourself a sampling of the manly men strutting their stuff dressed in lace!

Candyman Lace Dominator Boxer

Fun with coverage to keep possessions in place, with on trend cutouts to show sexy leg, "There's lacy, there's racy, and then there's the Candyman Lace Dominator Boxer, designed to show off all your assets with the sensual touch of sheer lace."

Candyman Lace Boudoir Jockstrap

"The Candyman Lace Boudoir Jockstrap takes minimal coverage to a sexy new level with the added touch of sheer, sensual lace. There's no hiding anything here--just all-out sexiness that really shows off your masculine look in a chic new way."

Candyman Neon Effect Lace Jockstrap

Add a splash of color beyond basic black and white to capture some real undergarment trendy fun. "The Candyman Neon Effect Lace Jockstrap takes the sheer, delicate quality of lace up a few stylish notches, going for a full-on glow once the lights go out. If you're into sheer styles, you'll love the look of this lace jock as it highlights your body and underlines your abs."

Boxer or briefs, or get a bit more provocative showing more skin with sexy designs fit for a real jock, the lace underwear for men trend is on. Pick up a pair for yourself or a fave man in your life as a surprise gift. Sexy lace is certainly not just for women to wear exclusively anymore!

Be comfortable in your fashion and don't be afraid to strut your stuff. Never be afraid to dance!

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