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Dress rentals for fashionistas dreams: Charlotte's Closet

Yes, dress rentals are the fairy god mother’s answer to adorning one in the most exquisite of dream fashion like Cinderella. No matter what age or size, getting dolled up in the gown of one’s fantasies will make most feel like they are the belle of the ball. With costs of a fantasy frock being prohibitive not everyone can afford to have a closet full of dream gowns and dresses to choose from. Thankfully Charlotte’s Closet is packed full of beautiful sparkling fashion dress rentals in all sizes and styles to please any fashionista’s passion for dressing up.

Photo by Nicholas Stolfa

Fashion Dreams Satisfied

Charlotte’s Closet aims to satisfy dreams no matter what they are. Jen Forman saw a need to fulfil the need and want to dress like a princess, if only for one evening. As with many parents Forman became overwhelmed searching and paying to purchase dresses for her daughter Charlotte, as she begun being invited to beyond multiple Bat and Bar Mitzvahs and other dressy events. Out of this experience Charlotte’s Closet was born.

The wonderful Forman, along with her caring staff, have since made it their goal to not only dress but empower girls and women to feel their best and accomplish their own dreams and goals. With proms, weddings and other exciting life events requesting for females to dress up, renting a dress that would otherwise have a prohibitive high price to purchase is the answer to dreams. With the opportunity to borrow a dream dress at up to 75-percent less than retail, Charlotte’s Closet makes it possible to have a closet full of beautiful dress rentals picks without the worry of having to wear the same dress more than once.

Photo by Nicholas Stolfa

Empowering with Fashion

Forman pays her good fortune forward working to help females feel empowered. Not everyone has the money to dress up in a dream dress. In her quest to make all feel special, Forman has helped girls have their princess moment by lending dresses to realize prom dreams. Her quest to help dress all to realize a special life moment led Forman to adorning Emily Sciarretta, Ms. Wheelchair NY USA. Charlotte’s Closet worked with the beautiful Sciarretta to help her look her most beautiful for the Ms. Wheelchair USA national pageant. Sciarretta’s dreams of gliding down the pageants runway in a beautiful gown turned unto a realization with the special attention of Charlotte’s.

Dressing Ms. Wheelchair NY USA came complete with an entourage to help gently adorn Sciarretta. Famed photographer, Nicholas Stolfa, snapped his camera as Sciarretta posed in the beautiful dresses. Each portrait wonderfully reveals the lovely reality that is Ms. Wheelchair NY USA and the details of the Charlotte’s Closet fashion picks.

Not every female is of prom age or a pageant princess. Females come in all sizes, shapes, situations, and ages. Forman knows and understands how to wave her imaginary wand to make all look their most outstanding and beautiful versions of themselves. Whether dressing a teen for her first prom, a beauty queen on glitzy wheels or a woman of a certain age, Charlotte’s Closet’s personnel come together to make dreams realized through the magic of fashion and the ease of dress rentals to allow one’s Cinderella fantasies to come true.

Follow dreams and never be afraid to dance!

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