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Dream Tree House Abodes: Live In A Cool Tree Home

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The dream of living in a tree house has been the fantasy of many children and adults as well. A place of beautiful lush greenery to escape upwards into, leaving the hardships and worries of life below can be more than just make-believe. Some talented architects and builders have created artistic structures worthy of making a tree, or trees, part of their abode.

Seeking inspiration for a tree home is easy. Designers and contractors are living out their own dreams by making adult size tree houses come to life. Beautiful structures seem to float effortlessly among the branches of nature’s formations.

Nelson Treehouse and Supply: Lake Chelan Treehouse

Dream Tree House Abodes: Live In A Cool Tree Home
Lake Chelan Treehouse courtesy of Nelson Treehouse and Supply

Lake Chelan Treehouse built by the talented Nelson Treehouse and Supply is certainly a star worthy of being showcased on the show, “Treehouse Masters.” As described “ Suspended in one tree, this curvy structure has unobstructed views of the turquoise waters of Lake Chelan.”

Nelson Treehouse and Supply: Waco Treehouse

Dream Tree House Abodes: Live In A Cool Tree Home
Waco Treehouse courtesy of Nelson Treehouse and Supply

A large family gets to live in comfort in the lovely Waco Treehouse anchored within a number of nature’s tall beauties. Designed for future room additions, as detailed “This treehouse has a bedroom, loft space, kitchen, living room and full bathroom. Even the dogs have a place to hang out in the custom dog house attached to the huge outdoor deck.”

Blue Forest: Living the Highlife Tree House

Dream Tree House Abodes: Live In A Cool Tree Home
Living the Highlife Tree House courtesy of Blue Forest

Imagine moving all your of your #family into the abode of your childhood dreams. Living the Highlife Tree House takes the #dream of living in a #treehouse and turns it into a reality for a family looking to entertain.

Blue Forest explains, “It features two separate lofty #retreats, one for the #children and one for their parents… a dramatic canopy walkway, an adventure play area and an assault course” further detailing “The adult treehouse has a beautiful conical thatched roof, and its walls are clad in hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards. The interior features a kitchen, toilet, and a large living area for treetop dinner parties. The children’s treehouse consists of three medieval towers connected to the adults treehouse by several rope bridges. Inside the kids treehouse a secret trapdoor leads into a games room, complete with plasma television and game console. An eighty-yard zip wire delivers the children to an exciting assault course.”

Nelson Treehouse and Supply: Hamma Hamma

Dream Tree House Abodes: Live In A Cool Tree Home
Hamma Hamma Treehouse courtesy of Nelson Treehouse and Supply

Why not build your own dream treehouse. Nelson Treehouse and Supply offers plans for purchase that allow one to build and modify a treehouse to fit one’s abode needs. The Hamma Hamma is a two story #design that measures just over 200 square feet. The site details “Sleeping upstairs puts you an extra 12' off the ground, making the 180 degree views spectacular. The bottom level allows two lounge chairs, a bar, and a space for #luggage. The full length windows provide an ample amount of light and great views”. Modify the design to add more square footage and welcome the family into the fantasy treehouse abode.

Whether a whimsical structure appearing as if a doll house in a tree or a futuristic looking abode filled with wonder, amazing tree homes have been built in many designs and sizes. Imagine climbing towards the sky to your abode nestled in the quietness of nature as it sits within the tallest of trees. Enjoy living out your fantasies; never be afraid to dance.

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