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Dream Private Island: Build Your Own Tropical Paradise Abode

The dream private island is just about everyone’s fantasy of being whisked away to their own tropical paradise where no one can find or bother them. Now imagine that your dream could actually become a reality simply by manufacturing your very own island abode. ORSOS Islands has a way of turning a fantasy vision into reality with their unique floating living spaces.

Fantasy Personal Island Escape

Dream home meets dream yacht plus landscaping equals dream private island escape. Imagine combining the yacht with a fantasy home complete with beautiful landscaping and all of the dream amenities. Each Island crafted is spacious being over 65 feet wide and more than 121 feet long, offering endless possibilities for elegant and spacious layouts. With about 4300 square feet on three floors, the Island offers up to 10,763 square feet of living space.

Orsos Island

The interiors are designed with kitchens and bars, beautiful living rooms and lounging areas. Even add an exotic aquarium to bring the beautiful island waters inside. Beautiful suites, bedrooms and bathrooms complete the exquisite decor design. Entertainment is enjoyed with a specially designed media room inside the lower deck. The lovely outdoor decks are designed with local landscaping of beautiful flora, and a large whirlpool to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly

Not only is the personal island built to fulfill fantasies, ORSOS Islands takes special care to build each floating structure as environmentally friendly and sustainable. They take special care in order to have no lasting impact on nature. An intelligent computer system monitors and controls the entire energy management process.

  • Powered day and night by a noiseless wind energy system, along with more than 160 m² of solar panels.

  • Heat recovery from sea water is the basis for heating and air conditioning.

  • Excess energy is utilized for a number of reasons, it is distributed to various batteries, used in the treatment of salt water to make drinking water.

  • Recycled water only leaves the Island in drinking water quality, to protect and sustain nature and to ensure the environmental friendliness of the Green Island.

  • Even garbage is specially addressed with a collection and storage system in a separate, chilled garbage depot. The waste is compressed, stored hygienically and odor-free, allowing for removal at any time.

Now imagine moving your own private paradise to a new setting of your choosing. The mission of ORSOS Islands makes dreams come true.

"The Island conception combines personal atmosphere, natur experience and the mobility of a yacht, with the comfort of a mainland home."

As with natural islands, this island has no motor. Unlike natural islands though it can be moved using cargo ships or tug boats. Adding to the allure of this floating abode is that with no motor there are no large operation costs as with a conventional yacht. With water covering more space on Earth than land why not take a drop for your very own to build a floating island to live on among the peacefulness of your fantasies.

Turn up the island tunes and never be afraid to dance!

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