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Dorm Decor: Planning And Creating A Beautiful College Abode [Video]

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Dorm décor should be fun and easy! It is that time of year when many move from the comfy parental nest and into the taste of living in their own abode - the college dorm. Whether a first year student or a seasoned collegiate this is an emotional time for both parents and the college young adults.

Before and After Mahoney Dorm At University of Miami

Along with planning for maneuvering through an obstacle of new studies it is also necessary to be well prepared to move into the new #college home. Having a well appointed and organized decor will also assist one in keeping up with class work. Come along with my daughter Hannah and myself to see how we turned the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Watch my video of how we took Hannah's room from drab to a fab abode!

First Step to Achieving Perfected Dorm Room Decor

Whether sharing with a roommate or nestling into a single it is vital to have plans and supplies ready for action to move in. Understand that other than a bed, dresser, desk, chair and basic window coverings one will be responsible for turning the bare dorm cell into a delightful living space.

  • Make a dorm room supply list of needs and wants that are necessary for being comfortable and organized. Roommates should coordinate what each will be bringing to contribute to the dorm room's needs and decor.

  • Most college sites provide floor plans. Play with the floor plan, drawing it out on graph paper, using correct dimensions to know how you want the furnishings to be arranged once you arrive.

Carpet Squares Instantly Add Warmth To Room

Instead of a boring area rug FLOR module carpet squares will instantly add warmth to any room. #FLOR Carpet squares are perfect for covering the room's complete floor space if desired or to make an area rug to fit a custom size without causing any damage. With so many designs and ideas to create one will enjoy planning the floor's FLOR decor.

  • With FLOR tiles an entire room can be carpeted DIY quickly without hassle.

  • FLOR offers free design services to assist in making the dorm room spectacular.

  • The carpet tiles are assembled together using FLOR's special dot system for easy installation and removal to store away for the following year.

  • Order extra tiles so if a stain or experiment messes up a spot a carpet tile can simply be swapped out.

Before moving anything into the room have your plan perfected and set for the FLOR #design and installation. For Hannah's single room at the University of Miami we chose to create an area rug with a pretty stripe design and a border inserted within a background of a plain color that will be easily maintained and not show everyday dirt.

  • Before move-in tiles and installation items needed were ordered and organized to install first thing before any other items entered room.

  • The carpet tiles are marked on the back with arrows to ensure that they are installed in the correct direction. We played around with different rug looks before we settled on the perfect one to fit the decor.

  • For any trimming around corners and at walls we marked the back of the carpet square and used a stainless straightedge and a sharp carpet knife to easily cut the tile to fit properly.

  • The job was complete within a half hour.

Window Covering for Peaceful Sleep and Beauty

Although the college provided blinds in Hannah's room they were not blackout and with an entire wall of windows this was certainly a necessity. Oh-oh issue... the room was equipped with an air conditioner that blocked a portion of a window. This is when it is fun to think creatively to turn the very prominent wall of glass into beautiful decor.

  • We purchased 84-inch-long drapes at an outlet store for an amazing bargain. With two long tension rods the drapes could easily be hung straight across the windows at the height below the AC unit.

  • To rectify the still open window glare - caused by the ceiling high AC unit - we purchased striped drapery at another outlet in a 63-inch length. These were hung with two more tension rods above the unit at ceiling height. No curtain was needed for where the AC unit took up space.

  • Easily we created a Roman valance look by using an interesting ribbon to pull up the striped curtains on each panel's side. Beautiful!

Bedding to Promote Good Sleep and Grades

#Bedding is important for a good night's sleep and to keep up the grades. Unfortunately, when shopping for dorm bedding to fit extra long twin beds, most sheets come in an uncomfortable polyester. is the place to go to find quality dorm size cotton bedding at a reasonable price.

  • Great color choices can be found, ordered and ready to move in, in XL sheet sets, as well as #duvet covers, pillow shams, throws and toss pillows.

  • Do not forget the bed pillows, mattress pads, and a protection set for the dreaded bedbugs.

  • Setting this #Shopbedding far above the other dorm bedding sites is the elusive bed skirt that they sell specifically made to fit an XL twin dorm bed. Adding the icing on the cake is that the skirt is available in three lengths to compensate for a raised bed hiding #storage underneath.

Hannah's room is well appointed in a beautiful gold colored duvet and shams with the 21-inch-high gold bed skirt to hide the bed risers (Her #scuba gear needs to be stored somewhere).

Perfect Extra Storage Option  

#WayBasics is perfect for much needed additional dorm room storage. One dresser and a closet is never enough storage space, especially for the females. comes to the rescue with wonderful cubes and boxes. To decorate Hannah's dorm room, we utilized the beautiful assortment of extremely lightweight Way Basics decor. The items can instantly be put together without any tools for an easy move in. Then use the boxes to pack for an easy move out at the end of the year.

  • Hannah has two lovely green cubes to sit upon her fridge to hold the microwave and kitchen supplies.

  • We chose two white door boxes to put together and stack using Scotch square fasteners to hold them together. With casters added to the bottom the boxes became the perfect bedside night table.

For a bit of a more grown up look, befitting a college student, we chose four cubes in a natural wood tone to arrange together using the Scotch fasteners. We then purchased bins that fit perfectly inside the lightweight cubes to use like drawers to hide additional clothing items.

Way Basics are USA made, sustainable and eco-friendly too, making them a guiltless purchase.

Hanging Art and Storage

Command Brand hooks, picture hangers and more will complete any dorm abode's decor. The Command Brand product line keeps growing and with new organizing, storage and decor possibilities.

Colleges do not look kindly into students putting holes in walls with nails, hooks and picture hangers. Command products can be used to decorate the ugly bare dorm walls without any damage whatsoever. At the end of the year simply hold and pull the tape down for the hooks to release leaving no hint that they were ever there.

  • Use the Command hooks to cover a wall with fabric panels.

  • Command picture hangers will hang lovely framed artwork.

  • Be creative and use the Command hooks for a dual purpose of hanging jewelry, hats and pocket books to display as colorful art and also to grab on the go.

  • Command cord organizers keep cables and cords from becoming a tangled monster.

  • Use the hooks for towels, coats, bathrobes and towels.

  • Command makes it possible to be creative when working to cover ugly walls.

Statement Decor

Make your room a statement of your own with some easy #decorating. Other than the usual extra items, such as lamps, hangers, bedding and towels, to make the dorm room your own home, one will want to add some individual #decor touches. Many rooms consist of cold tiled floors and concrete block walls. Before moving in have fun collecting ideas and supplies ready to magically turn a boring hole into your own delightful and beautiful bedroom and living space.

Most important is to have fun as you plan and then move in to your new home. Play some music to keep the energy up while decorating. Never be afraid to dance.

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