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DIY Artwork Ideas for Fun Interior Decorating Ideas

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

An activity of creating #DIY artwork is not only fun but also helps #decorate the home's walls. Spending a day of fashioning works of art is a productive way to bond for all ages in the household.

Do-it-yourself #artwork ideas are perfect whether it is a glorious sunny day or a cozy rainy one. With the sun shining, art can make for a wonderful outdoor activity. When the #weather is nasty creating artwork indoors will brighten up the day.

DIY Artwork Ideas for Fun Interior Decorating Ideas

DIY Artwork Fun

Everyone can join in the pleasure of making their own #artwork. Cover a table or floor area with a drop cloth or newspaper. DIY art is the perfect #activity to create, teach and bond with each other.

  • Have the children and adults draw and paint some pictures of what they see. This is great when outdoors eyeing a pretty tree or bird.

  • You can use items around the house like feathers, buttons, and beads to make collages.

  • Finger-paint is a wonderful way to create fun art while also teaching about what abstract artwork means.

DIY Artwork Ideas for Fun Interior Decorating Ideas

After you are finished creating your fine #art pieces, while they are drying, take a field trip. Visit local garage sales or thrift shops to seek out frames to complete the #beautiful work. Do not be afraid to buy a really ugly picture that is inside a nice frame that you can find for a great price.

Often the frame is worth more than the art it surrounds. Look for ratty and marred frames that can be painted. #IKEA sells unfinished frames at inexpensive prices as well. The goal is to take the picture frames home to paint in order to make them your own.

Buy pretty mattes for your frames at an art and craft supply store such as AC Moore. Make sure that they are sized to fit inside the frames. If your frame is not a standard size then the matte can be trimmed; just make sure you trim all four sides to keep it centered. You also will want to confirm that the matte and frame will fit around the artwork in order that it is shown properly.

Time to Frame Creatively

Once back home with your new finds the artwork creations should now be dry and ready to frame. Have everyone paint their own frame in a fun color to coordinate with their #masterpiece. If you want everyone’s artwork to coordinate in order to group on a wall, then have each person paint their frame black. Keep the mess down by spreading out newspaper to paint on. The frames will look best when painted in high gloss paint.

DIY Artwork Ideas for Fun Interior Decorating Ideas

As the frames dry it is the perfect time to make sure that you teach about the importance of cleaning up after you paint. Instruct the #children how to clean their brushes.

When painting outside you can use the garden hose to keep the mess of cleaning outside too. On a sunny warm day add some more fun by donning bathing suits and spray each other when finished cleaning. Add some soap and bath time is taken care of as well.

Once the frames are dry put the artwork creations inside a matte and frame. Make a gallery wall of the artwork or hang the kid’s pieces in their bedrooms. The children will be proud every time that someone admires their work. When friends come over they will want to join in to make their own masterpieces. This is a great #party activity as well.

Crank up the music as the art moves all to never be afraid to dance!

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