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Boots Crafted For Fashion Forward Comfort: Cobb Hill Review

Boots and shoes are a huge fashion yes for most, especially us females. One can never have enough footwear. The huge challenge is to find the shoes that are stunning yet also comfortable. When running around from work to errands and play, the dream is to find fashion for our feet that will take on the impact and keep us looking fashion forward. Cobb Hill certainly understands comfort and crafts their lovely footwear to not only provide a soothing cradle for the foot but also a beautiful addition to the wardrobe.

Boots and Shoes Oh My!

Now under the parent company of Rockport, Cobb Hill continues to design and craft their amazing footwear delights. From sandals to shoes and boots Cobb Hill does not disappoint. Women will find a pleasing style to look fashionable at work and play while also having true comfort. Ordering is easy and receiving your footwear is quick. I ordered my new Bethany boots and just a couple of days later they were at my doorstep ready for me to unbox and wear.

Carol Ruth Weber in Cobb Hill Bethany

The Bethany Boot that I have the privilege to now own and wear have proved their worthy spot in my shoe closet. These lovely fashion forward combat styled boots are crafted with an old world fineness that is missing in many products that are on the market today. This boot is certainly designed out of love and care from a soft comforting leather. The stitching and extra details proves the quality of this boot and other Cobb Hill designs. Wonderful is the true lace up style with the added zipper in the back of the boot that allows for the wearer to have easy on and off without untying and tying the boot colored cotton laces.

Just the right height, the Bethany comes is colors beyond just the standard black and brown. The lovely teal color that adorns my feet perfectly took me through the day in delightful comfort. They were just right even in the heat of the summer matched with a sun dress as a true fashion forward look. This boot can certainly go from shorts to jeans to a dress with ease. Proving that Cobb Hill understands the need to design fashionable footwear to appeal to all ages, as soon as my college aged daughter saw her mom donning my Bethany’s she exclaimed, “I want a pair!”

The military influenced styled boot positively is able to take the combat that feet are put through in the battle of everyday walking, running and carrying the weight of our bodies. Noted in the Bethany description, “Stability shank embedded into midsole supports the arch and helps create a smoother gait.” This certainly proves that Cobb Hill truly understands the need to pair comfort along with style. The cushioned inner sole and arch support make my feet feel soothed even after wearing the boots for an entire day.

Cobb Hill Bethany Boot

Cobb Hill Style

Each Cobb Hill design is individually showcased on the easy to maneuver through Rockport website. Just click on a design and you will see the colors offered along with an excellent variety of photos showcasing all angles of the shoe in your color of choice.

  • The casual styles come in everything from a sneaker type to a ballet style flat, moccasin and cool fashion trend flats with intricate details.

  • Heeled shoes come in a variety of heights and styles perfect for the office or an outing.

  • Cobb Hill sandals are cool and easy on the feet and eyes with an array of styles to choose from including comfy flats, very fashionable slip-ons and dressier heels.

  • Wonderful boots from Cobb Hill prove to be in fashion forward trendy styles. Choices from booties to a high height, as well as heeled and flats are available to dress one in high boot fashion all year.

Special note to females commuting to work, no more need to wear sneakers to work and carry your shoes. With Cobb Hill shoes you can certainly wear your fashion easily running for a train and into the office. The Cobb Hill designs are crafted in fine fashion, as shoes used to be and should be. Comfort is key as well as their fashionable appeal.

No need to take these shoes off when whirling onto the dance floor. Never be afraid to dance!

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