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Biaggi Leggero Folding Flat Luggage: A Dream Come True

Biaggi Leggero luggage is the newest unique folding designer luggage invention created by the Shark Tank wiz winner Stephen Hersh. Hersh’s original ZipSak bag won the heart of American celebrity entrepreneur Shark, Lori Greiner, for its ability to fold from full size luggage to a compact package for small space storing. Stephen has built on the principal concept of his wonderful foldable ZipSak and has now created a traditional looking suitcase in the Leggero, that is far from the ordinary.

Lightweight plus foldable equals dream luggage

The amazing Biaggi Leggero Collection not only makes traveling easy with its extremely light weight, but also folds to store away in small spaces. This amazing luggage when unfolded becomes a light weight dream come true when packing to go traveling. With so many restrictions on luggage weight and size Stephen realized that the luggage needs to be feather light so that one can pack as much as they want and need without exceeding airline weight limits. The master of Biaggi has once again invented the perfect bag to go anywhere with anyone.

Beautiful in appearance with a choice of three jewel toned colors plus black, the Biaggi Leggero is a collection of soft sided spinner luggage. Hersh carefully designed this suitcase to reduce common luggage weight while providing a durable lovely suitcase crafted from EVA foam padding that is water resistant and easy to clean. The sturdy four 360-degree wheel spinner system glides easily on all floor surfaces from tile and wood to carpet. An aircraft grade aluminum trolley handle is easily pulled out to reveal its ability to extend to an extra long height for those travelers taller than my petite frame. Once unpacked the suitcase is easily folded flat with its patented hinge-lock technology to store away in its own protective signature Biaggi storage bag.

Opening the bag is very easy. Simply unfold to reveal a structurally framed suitcase ready to pack up. The beautiful luggage is certainly in vogue not only with the choice of colors but with its lovely design. The front of the bag features a nice large zippered outside pocket. Inside is a mesh zippered pocket and luggage straps to hold your items neatly in place. Traveling with the Leggero is a dream as you can pack a tremendous number of common items with little worry of exceeding weight limits imposed by airlines. Once unpacked the amazing Leggero bag literally folds flat to fit neatly on a shelf or under a bed at home, in a dorm room or a hotel room.

I personally used the 29-inch bag to travel to England, Spain and France maneuvering easily and smoothly through all airports and hotels. The roomy bag accommodated all my needs along with my shoes! I even had more than enough room to bring home the extra delights bought on my travels. Traveling from the US to a number of countries meant many transfers and baggage handlers, as well as being drenched in England. Nervous that the airlines would lose my luggage was eased as I sat in Madrid spying my beautiful eye-popping blue colored suitcase being loaded onto our plane.

Biaggi has thought about ease of use adding a hidden fabric grab handle on bottom of the bag so that one can pick up the suitcase easily when packed. The three-digit TSA lock included is a sweet extra that allows for you to protect your belongings that are checked through baggage. This stunning but tough bag lived up to its promise of being durable as I arrived home with it looking as beautiful as when I left with it.

The Biaggi Leggero is available in three size choices. A 22-inch carry on makes travel quick and easy, the 26-inch is perfect for those needing a bit more space to pack and the 29-inch upright is a great match for family packing or for those looking for the largest suitcase that will make traveling comfortable. The Leggero three-piece set is perfect for those who aim to accommodate all suitcase sized travel needs.

Biaggi has an array of items to complement the Leggero bags. From packing cubes to totes and garment bags, along with the original ZipSak you will be sure to have the best in packing essentials to make for a truly comfortable travel experience. The storability of Biaggi is the icing on the cake for these remarkable bags. No more worries of wasting valuable storage space with a large suitcase when the foldable Leggero and other Biaggi inventions can now fulfil luggage needs.

Innovative Biaggi continues its goal of aiding in travel joy along with storage pleasure. Never be afraid to dance!

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